Obama Claims He Would’ve Defeated Trump in an Election

President Barack Obama recently said in an interview that if he were permitted to run for another presidential term, he most definitely would have defeated Donald Trump. President Obama claims that the biggest downfall for Hillary Clinton was for her campaign to have been too confident in believing that they inevitably would be triumphant in […]

Obama to Shutdown National Registry Program Before Trump Uses It

The Obama administration is currently in the process of undoing the national registry program, which applies towards people who enter the United States from countries that consist of some type of terrorist organization. This move has been done so as to prevent Donald Trump from bringing it back to life and fully taking advantage of […]

Trump Requests to Veto U.N. Policy for Further Israeli Settlements

Donald Trump has requested from President Barack Obama to call for a veto against the U.N.’s resolution that seeks to prevent the Israeli government for granting further construction of illegal settlements. The call has been requested just a little less than a month before Mr. Trump is to be sworn in as US President, as […]

Obama Satisfied With Myanmar’s Democracy Despite Genocide Accusations

Last Friday President Obama approved of lifting some restrictions on the Southeast Asian country of Myanmar, also known as Burma. He claims that they had enhanced and made “substantial progress in improving human rights.” This decision took place whilst the nation of Myanmar are currently still in a rapid progression of eliminating the Muslim minority […]