Russian Malware Code Found in US Electricity Grid

Malware believed to be from Russia has been found in the Vermont electric utility.  The code has not been used to cause any form of disruption according to officials speaking to the Washington Post.  It does, however, represent a possible vulnerability with system security. This follows accusations and an official report which claims that the […]

Russia to Respond to the Expulsion of its Diplomats by U.S

Russia has said it will respond to the expulsion of 35 of its diplomats by the U.S over alleged election interference, with President Putin stating the U.S would experience “significant discomfort”. The Obama administration expelled the diplomats alleging the Russians hacked the email accounts of Democrat Party officials including Hilary Clinton’s campaign manager, and the […]

Hillary Clinton Points Fingers For Her Election Defeat

 Hillary Clinton is now throwing direct blames towards the FBI and Russian President Vladimir Putin for her defeat in last month’s elections. Clinton claims that Putin has a personal quarrel with her, which apparently dates back to 2011 when she criticized the Russian parliament and their corrupt system so as to allow a re-entry for […]