Theresa May to Appeal for Unity in Wake of Brexit Negotiations

British Prime Minister Theresa May is believed to appeal for unity when she gives her set-piece speech on Tuesday. The speech is expected to go into more detail on the forthcoming Brexit negotiations including the government’s strategy for negotiations with the EU. Up to now specifics of leaving the EU have been at best vague […]

British Government Accused of Trident Test “Cover – up”

British Prime Minister is under pressure to reveal what she knew of a failed Trident missile test weeks before parliament voted on refreshing Britain’s nuclear deterrent.  When interviewed on television she failed to respond to the question four times. The interview has been hailed as a disaster. This morning, both Labour and the Scottish National […]

British Prime Minister Theresa May to Meet President Trump on Friday

British Prime Minister Theresa May is to meet President Donald Trump on Friday.  The main discussions points of the meeting will be Trade, NATO, and Russia. She added that she would not be afraid to challenge his controversial comments on women and race.  She said, “It’s the special relationship that enables us to say when […]