Four Arrested over Anti-Trump Torture in Facebook Live Video

Four people have been arrested by Chicago Police following the release of a Facebook live video showing a man being tortured.  The man was bound and gagged and assaulted, the video shows. Attackers were shouting “f**k Donald Trump, f**k white people.” Eddie Johnson, police superintendent, spoke to the press late last night.  He said, those […]

US Spy Chief Clapper Denies Leaking Dossier to the Press

James Clapper, the soon to be replaced national intelligence director has issued a statement saying the leaking of the Wednesday’s dossier did not come from the U.S Intelligence community. Following Wednesday’s release of documents that purports Russia had compromising financial and personal information on Donald Trump, and the later realisation that the documents were in […]

Donald Trump Fulfills His Promise on Immigration and the Wall

U.S. President Donald Trump is said to announce later on this week his plan regarding the wall between the United States and Mexico along with the new immigration policies he will impose. Trump’s administration within the White House are currently underway in implementing several executive orders that will be signed regarding both national security and […]

Architects Claim Trump’s Mexico Wall Impossible to Construct

One of the leading campaign statements made by President-elect Donald J. Trump throughout the entire presidential race was his firm stance on building a wall between the U.S. and Mexico. At some point such a statement had calmed down, but was resurrected and came back even stronger in January towards the beginning. Mr. Trump made […]

Trump Rubbishes ‘Fake News’ Dirt Allegations

Donald Trump has dismissed allegations that U.S Intelligence provided him with a dossier claiming that Russia had dug up dirt on the president-elect. C.N.N reports that officials included a two-page synopsis of ‘kompromat’, which is the Russian for compromising material.  According to C.N.N they showed this to the president-elect. Trump has denied this furiously, tweeting, […]

Donald Trump Can’t Get the Mexicans to Pay for His Wall

President-elect Donald Trump has just announced on Twitter that at the current moment the Mexicans will not be paying for his ambition in creating a wall at the US-Mexican border. Mr. Trump added that taxpayers will be the one funding his great wall, and blames news agencies for this matter, adding as well that the […]

Four Anti-Trump’ers Protest in the Most Inhumane Way

Four people were arrested in Chicago as they posted a shocking and disturbing up on Facebook in which they had taken part in the beating of a disabled man. In the video a helpless young man is seen with his mouth taped shut, and hiding in the corner in an attempt to take cover from […]

Obama Claims He Would’ve Defeated Trump in an Election

President Barack Obama recently said in an interview that if he were permitted to run for another presidential term, he most definitely would have defeated Donald Trump. President Obama claims that the biggest downfall for Hillary Clinton was for her campaign to have been too confident in believing that they inevitably would be triumphant in […]