If you are a fan of Tennis then it will not have escaped your notice that the ATP Vancouver Challenger has just begun, and as such the first round betting stage has now going live at many betting and bookmakers site.

There are matches being held in this stage of the ATP Vancouver Challenger tournament both today and tomorrow and as such we are going to be taking a look at each pair of players with matches scheduled today Monday and also on Tuesday.

As is always the case the betting odds do reflect each players chance of winning their respective matches, however you shoudl never be put off placing a bet on the player you think will win, even if their odds are high and they are not the favourite to win their match, as history has proven anything can and often does happen in this tournament!

The first match being held today is the one in which De Loore, J takes on Laaksonen, H and the former player has odds of 6/4 to win this match and the latter has odds of 8/15.

The second match scheduled today is the one in which Hanfmann, Y who has odds of 8/13 to win the match takes on Ofner, S whose odds are 5/4, this match is likely to be a very close one and both players do have a fair chance of winning as you can see from their respective odds.

Tomorrow on Wednesday the 15th of August 2017 there are quite a number of matches the first two players to take their chances against each other are Halys, Q whose win odd are 6/4 and Polansky, P who is the favourite to win at odds of 4/6.

The next match is Copil, M v Millman, J C and their win odds are 6/5 and  4/6 respectively, another match taking place today will see Sela, D take on Peliwo, F and their respective odds are 1/10 and 11/2.

You will also find Lee, D is taking on Sandgren, T today and their respective win odds are 2/1 and 4/11. If you are interested in betting on the Groth, S v Napolitano, S match those two players win odds are 4/11 and  2/1 respectively.

One match that is likely to go the way of the favourite is the Bemelmans, R v Bester, P match, for the first named players has tiny odds of 1/8 associated with them and the outsider that best Bester has win odds of some 5/1!

The other three matches today and the players along with their respective win odds are Daniel, T (4/7) v Rubin, N (11/8), Sigouin, B (8/1) v Thompson, J (1/20) an also Sakharov, G (even money) v Schnur, B (4/5).