One of the benefits of selecting some betting sites at which to place your soccer bets at is that once you have placed a bet you are then going to be able to watch that match being directly from the websites of those betting sites.

There are a handful of online sportsbooks and bookmaker’s sites that offer such a feature and one that we feel offers sports bettors one of the best experiences is BetFred.

Today, much like every other day of the week, they have several matches that are covered by their Watch Live service, in fact they have a wide variety of different soccer matches available on both their online and mobile betting platform some of which you can watch online and some of which you can listen to the commentary live from their website or via their betting app.

Therefore if you fancy placing a soccer bet today and being assured of getting some of the highest odds available, then it may be beneficial for you to checkout BetFred.

To give you some ideas of the soccer matches they have already started to offer odds on today, below we have an overview of some of them. Keep in mind that as a sports bettor you are going to find BetFred offers rapid winning payouts and the odds available on each of their betting platforms are updated in real time so you can place a bet and take those odds instantly with no messing about!

Later on tonight FC Barcelona are playing against Chapecoense and it is of course Barcelona that are expected to win this match, which is certainly reflected in the odds available! They are 1/9 to win the match, the draw is on offer at 8/1 but if you think that Chapecoense will win this match you will find generous odds of 12/1 are available and should be throughout the day!

Another match that is scheduled to start tonight is the match between FC St. Pauli and Dynamo Dresden, and the home team are currency on offer at odds of 8/11 whilst you can get 5/2 for the draw and 7/2 for the away team.

One slightly more well balanced match that is scheduled to start today in regards to the odds available n each team is the match between FC Winterthur and FC Aarau, if you are convinced the home team is going to win then you will find odds generally on offer on that betting opportunity of some 5/4, you can of course bet on the draw if you like and the draw odds are 12/5 the away team are on offer at odds of 7/4!

You will also find all betting sites offer you the option of perming together as many soccer bets as you like in one single multiple type of bet and keep in mind that odds comparison websites will also allow you to look up the betting sites offering the highest odds available on any soccer match too!