You have probably heard of sports bettors using their skill and knowledge of one particular type of sporting event to put together a range of bets that gave them something on an increased chance of winning, and those sports bettors have in the past had some varying degrees of luck with such bets and wagers.

However, it has become increasing common for betting sites, Sportsbooks and bookmakers sites to either ban customers who have been very lucky or limit those customers accounts so that they can only place small and very modest bets and wagers in the future, to limit the chance of them winning big again!

One story has however just come to light that is rather disturbing and will possible send fear through the betting community. The story revolves around a student, who was freely able to place a large number of bets on a range of horse running at various races in the UK, and in total that student’s wagers totalled some £25,000.

As luck would have it the some of the horses she had permutated together on what are known as Lucky 15 bets were winning ones, and collectively her winnings totalled a huge £985,000.

The betting site that accepted those bets and wagers was Bet365, who are a fully licensed, long established and many would say a very respectable sports betting company who are well funded and should have no problems what so ever paying out that winning customer.

However, to the shock of that lucky winning customer Bet365 decided that they were not going to payout her winnings, based on the fact that the stake money she wagered was not hers but had been given to her by a third party!

We can only presume that as part of the account verification process Bet365 requested bank statements form that customer and then went through them with a fine tooth comb and worked out that the money she placed her bets and wagers with was not hers but lent or given to her by someone else.

The customer in question has vowed to take the matter to court to get her winnings paid out to her, but Bet365 are sticking to their guns and have said that as it clearly says in their terms and conditions that their customer much bet with their own money they will win any court case!

This really is a bizarre situation, for if Bet365 have such rules in their terms and conditions then any customer of theirs could say that they are entitled to have their losses paid back out to them as they could say those winning were given to them by a third party, and Bet365 would be very hard-pressed to prove they did or didn’t!

We shall be watching this story with interest for there is nothing worse than a Sportsbetting company who refuse to payout winnings to a customer by hiding behind terms and conditions that are very clearly not 100% fair or straight forward!