Anyone who has an interest in betting on horses knows that half of the battle of having a profitable days racing is picking out at least one horse that hopefully will romp home at huge odds.

However, for the first time in racing history on Sunday, two horses that were available on the BetFair in-running betting platform at odds of 999 to 1 managed to defy the odds and win two back to back races!

BetFair offers something known as a betting exchange, on which punters can place bets in the standard way by picking out the horses they want to win a race and they can then take the odds currently available.

But those odds are actually being offered by other BetFair users, and as such any customer of that betting exchange is also able to lay odds, that being they offer the odds they are prepared to give any other user of the betting exchange and as such a punter can for all intents and purposes become a bookmaker or sportsbook themselves.

One aspect of a betting exchange is that as soon as a race has begin it will then switch over to an in-running or in-play betting market and as such odds can be offered on that race right up until the point in time a horse passes the winning post and is declared the winner.

What you usually find is that as the race is nearly the final few furlongs, those horses that are deemed to have no possible chance of winning the race will have enormous odds attached to them as the layers often quite rightly think there is no way those horses can win, so by offering huge odds on them winning they will tempt some punters to lay bets on them.

However, in amazing scenes at two racecourses on Sunday, two horses that were deemed to have no possible chance of winning a race on those in-running betting markets managed to sprout wings so to speak, and managed to overtake every other horse in their respective races, and were available at odds of 999 to 1 during the race!

Those two horses were Penny Pepper who was running in a race at the Curragh over in Ireland, whilst the other one was Best of My Love at the racecourse in Nottingham.

What made the race that Bets of My Love won a tad more amazing, was that before the off the horse was available at 50 to 1 and as such was deemed to be the outsider of that race, however it made all of the running in that race and was never in any other position that first as the race unfolded!

If you do enjoy betting on sports then it may just be about time for you to learn more about betting exchanges if you have never made use of them before, for as proven yesterday there really is the chance you could secure some huge odds on outcomes that you never thought were possible!