Allegations of sexual abuse in football are gaining momentum, with another former player coming forward to say he was a victim.

After claims that the revelations could lead to a scandal bigger than that of the Jimmy Savile saga, another former player has come foward to say he suffered sexual abuse in the Newcastle United youth system.

Dozens of former players have now contacted police to say they were victims of an alleged paedophile ring operating in the sport. The former player, who wished to remain anonymous, said he had been attacked by George Ormond. Ormond has already served six years in jail for a number of convictions involving abuse of boys from Newcastle’s youth system over 24 years.

The alleged victim said he had got up the courage to report the abuse after other cases came to light. The first footballers to speak out were Crewe players Andy Woodward and Steve Walters. The pair said that they had both been abused by coach Barry Bennell, who is already a convicted serial paedophile.

David White, a former Manchester City player, has also revealed he suffered at the hands of Bennell and former England international Paul Stewart said he too was abused as a youngster, by a different man who was working as a coach in Manchester.

A spokesman for Northumbria Police said: “We have received a report in relation to an allegation of historic [sic] sexual offences in Newcastle. We are working closely with, and supporting, the victim and enquiries are ongoing.”

Ormond was described as a “predatory abuser” at a trial at Newcastle Crown Court 14 years ago. The jury heard that he had once been a respected coach but had used his position to abuse youngsters.

A new hotline has been launched by the NSPCC to support footballers and former footballers who have suffered abuse. It received more than 50 calls in just two hours.





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