Wayne Rooney was yesterday photographed starting his community service after his drink driving conviction and the embarrassing fiasco which has been splashed all over the newspapers, much to the dismay of his wife Coleen.

He was 3 times over the drink drive limit when he was pulled over in another woman’s car, who has later gone on to release every possible sordid detail she can think of to the press.

Wayne was ordered to undertake 100 hours of community service, and will spend his 32nd birthday painting park benches in Macclesfield.

This is one of a number of setbacks the Rooney’s have faced in their marriage after Wayne was caught red handed with prostitutes and has previous driving convictions for speeding and for drunk driving.

Coleen on the other hand has taken time out and is on another sunny holiday with her children, most likely to escape the media and to take time out to reflect on the situation, which is looking ominous for Wayne, as she hasn’t worn her wedding ring since the news broke of his latest tryst.

This is apparent in the fact Coleen’s trademark custom LV bags have suddenly adorned her maiden initials CM as oppose to CR. It wouldn’t surprise us at all if she’s got a decree nisi already signed and waiting to be submitted, and no court in the land would contest that Wayne’s behaviour has been challenging to say the least.

This raises the question, is the legal system set up to allow our athletes off the hook for most things? Should any of us mere mortals do half of the stuff he has, we’d be doing time. Also, what kind of role model is he to his fans and to the younger players in the industry? Football already has a bad name, the last thing it needs is for its reputation to be further tarnished by a load of young, upcoming footballers behaving in the same way.

That said there is also Rooney’s mental health which I’m beginning to question. His episodes go through fits and starts and are pretty typical of those with depression, the excessive drinking, the reckless behaviour, the excessive gambling. It’s almost like he’s having an early mid life crisis. But then again, at 32, his days are numbered with the average footballer retiring at the age of around 40.

We only have to look at Paul Gascoigne as soon as he left professional football he turned into a blithering alcoholic with substance issues, depression, and squandered his fortune away on a party lifestyle to the point he was made homeless. This unfortunately is a common occurrence when people leave the world of professional sports. All of a sudden, their bodies are no longer temples, they’re no longer idolized and work for retired footballers is hardly coming thick and fast.

Although what Rooney did was wrong, I think intervention is required before he goes completely off the rails, and for the sake of his children, these issues need addressing before they end up with a father like Gazza!

Published by Sara O'Connell

A passionate photographer from Arizona, Sara enjoys art and culture.