The ongoing saga of the Oakland Raiders relocation to Las Vegas has finally made a move in a positive direction with the revelation that they are happy to pay the $77.5million purchase price for a parcel of land not far from the Mandalay Bay Casino Resort in Las Vegas, and as such it will not be very long now until the land is built on!

It has been suggested that the Oakland Raiders were prepared to pay up to $100million for the ideal plot of land in Vegas, however with the new plot of land coming with a $77.5million price tag the it comes in well under budget and as such will allow for more cash to be left over for the design and structure of the stadium.

The biggest hurdle that they faced was of course finding a plot of land that was easily accessible for visiting fans, but also one that would not cause too many traffic related problems when in the build phase of the project.

With most areas of Las Vegas as a whole being very busy in regards to the amount of traffic the prolonged periods of time when additional access roads are being construction could have a detrimental effect on the entire area.

It has been something of an ongoing saga, for this project has been on and off for quite a while now, and the actual area of Vegas the Stadium is planned to be built needs to be perfect for both the team, visitors and of course local area.

Vegas is in fact showing a massive increase in the number of visitors arriving and staying, with the McCarran airport reporting that the number of people using the airport in March was the highest in over ten years, so it does appear, touch wood, that the after effects of the financial crash back in 2008 are finally beginning to relent and that should benefit the area as a whole.

Many casino resorts are also posting increased profits and a greater spend per head of their visitors, and with many slot machine developers now also looking at launching a new breed of slot machines that cater for the younger Las Vegas visitors that offer skill based features, we could also see those spends per head increasing even higher, in regards to gambling.

If you are a fan of the Oakland Raiders, then we will of course keep you fully updated with this ongoing story regarding their move to Las Vegas, however we would not expect it to be too long before we see signs of that major building project taking place.

The expected date of the first match being played at that new stadium is 2020, which whilst several years away will soon be upon us, but half of the battle with any developer is of course finding the perfect spot, and that is what they have now managed to do, so let’s hope the workmen move in and break the ground much sooner rather than later.