It’s that time of the year again when the PGA Championship is in full swing, and as is always the case you are going to find no shortages of sportsbooks, betting sites and bookmakers who are eager to get to you to place a bet at their respective sites and venues.

We have seen some sharp differences this year in regards to the odds being offered by a range of different betting related companies, and as such if you do fancy a bet on this golfing tournament then you are going to find plenty of places to place at a bet at offering you some rather tempting odds.

There are plenty of different types of bets and wagers that you can place on this year’s PGA Championship, however one of the most popular best is an outright winner type of bet.

That bet will see you simply placing a bet on which you name the golfer who you think is going to win the tournament, and if he does then you bet is a winner.

However, with there being so many golfers taking part in the PGA Championship this year you are also going to find that you can place something known as an each way bet on that event and on any golfer you think is going to do well in it.

Many different online sports betting sites are offering an each way betting opportunity on that event which will see you getting a winning payout on the place part of the twp part each way bet of a quarter of the golfers win odds if they finish in one of the top six positions in that tournament, so that may be a bet worth considering!

If you are interested in finding out the current odds on the golfers that, in the betting markets at least, do appear to have the best chances of winning or at least getting placed in one of the top six positions, then below we will give you an insight into the odds currently and generally available on those golfers!

The current favourite to win the PGA Championship 2017 is Rory Mcilroy, and the odds available on him doing so are currently around the 7/1 mark.

The golfer who is currently second favourite to win, and is one fancied by a lot of sports bettors is Jordan Spieth, and if you do fancy placing a bet on him then you will find his outright win odds are generally being offered currently at around 10/1.

Quite a few people currently fancy the chances of Hideki Matsuyama and the odds available on that golfer does represent the volume of wagers placed on him and for reference those odds are currently around 12/1!

The remaining golfers are 14/1 to bar those mentioned above and as such you will find the odds on offer on all of the other golfers are quite appealing, much more so if you do fancy placing an each way type of bet on any of them!