You are always going to find plenty of horse racing on offer in places such as the UK and Ireland in the summer months, and visiting a racecourse in the UK is highly recommended, and with there being plenty of different courses spread about all over the United Kingdom you are never going to be very far from at least one of them, no matter in which part of Great Britain you live or are visiting.

Today you will be pleased to learn, if you do enjoy watching and/or betting on horse races, that there are plenty of different race meetings all schedules to take place today, not only in the UK but also over in Ireland and slightly beyond too.

With that in mind below you are going to find an insight into which racecourse are holding meetings today and we will also be letting you know of the race times at each of those meetings, and we will also be passing onto you some tips for selected races too.

Be aware though that if you do fancy placing a bet on any of the races and horses we have highlighted below then what you should ensure you do is hunt around and compare the odds being offered to you at more than one betting site for every betting sites will be offering their own set of odds based on the volume of wagers they have had placed on each horse in each race.

Over at the Carlisle racecourse there are six races pencilled in with the first one starting at 14:00, the other races are scheduled to start at 30 minute intervals with that last race of the day being run at 17:00.

You will also find a full card of races over at the Salisbury recourse and the first race of the day at that race course is being run at 14:10 and much like the race course above each race after the very first one has begun will be held at 30 minute intervals with the last race scheduled to therefore start at 17:10.

Worcester also have six races scheduled to start today and their first race will begin at 14:20 and each race thereafter is run at 30 minute intervals and their last race of the day will start at 17:20.

There is also an all weather meeting being held at Kempton today and also evening race meetings being held Naas which is in Ireland and Bath racecourse too. You will also find in Hong Kong the Happy Valley racecourse is holding a meeting and over in France there is also a race meeting too.