As the weekend will be shortly upon us, we do know a lot of people quite enjoy having an occasional bet on soccer matches, and it is with that in mind we have chosen to present to you a range of different soccer matches that are being held all over the world that you may be interested in placing a bet on.

Keep in mind that the odds available are of course going to vary depending on just where you place your bets and your chosen wagers, and what you should be looking to do is to spend a little bit of time comparing the odds available from many different Sportsbooks and betting sites, to secure the very best winning odds!

One way you can actually do so very quickly without having to trawl around lot so different betting sites, is to simply visit an odds comparison website, as by doing you will can then enter into those websites the soccer match or matches you wish to bet on and you will then be presented with a huge array of currently available odds from many different Sportsbooks and betting sites!

Be aware that when you do bet on soccer matches the betting platforms are usually offering fixed odds, and as such the odds will not tend to grow or decrease in value based on how many wagers are placed on each soccer match!

Plus, you will also find many betting sites and sportsbook now also let you bet in-play, which means you can bet on any soccer match once it has actually started and has kicked off!

The first match of the day is the Germany U20 v Vanuatu U20, and the odds on the home team are ridiculously small at 1/100! The odds generally available on a draw are 35/1 and the away team that being Vanuatu are on offer at around the 60/1 mark! The German Under 20’s team are playing at the top of their form and as such that is why their odds are so very, very low!

Another match which is a much better balanced match in regards to the current odds on offer is the England U20 v South Korea U20, England are on offer at 11/10, you can get odds of 2/1 on the draw but if you fancy South Korea to win this match then do snap up the odds of 11/5 that are available on that team!

One additional match you may be interested in placing a wager on is being held tonight and that is the match between Levante and UCAM Murcia, the home team are favourites to win and their odds are 11/10, whilst you can get odds of 2/1 on the match ending in a draw, or if you do fancy the chance of the away team then the odds on that team winning are 5/2!