Microsoft ‘Personal Agent’ Technology Was Announced On Reddit

When a few years ago, Bill Gates made the decision to give up his active Chairmanship of the Microsoft Board and create for himself a new role of “Technology Advisor,” he had pledged that he would spend a third of his time working on Microsoft-related projects. From then till now, there has been steady information that Gates had been involved in many product reviews and meetings but there was no specific product that he was handling. The latest one is a new “Meeting-Room-Plus” type conferencing system and may have become Surface Hub. In January’s Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything), Gates had said that he was working on a “Personal Agent” project with the company. He didn’t offer many specifics.

No Clear Association Between Cortana And Personal Agent

There is no clear proof of association between Cortana and Personal Agent. Most probably, it can be a new application for the aforementioned Surface Hub — something that would complement the customized Skype for Business, OneNote and Connect applications that are bundled with that system. The upcoming Microsoft HoloLens augmented-reality glasses also excited Gates during the AMA.

Bitcoin No Help For Gate’s Charity Work

Gates also had some words for Bitcoin which though a good new technology, had no use for the work that Gates and his charity is doing for the poor. As he said, “Overall financial transactions will get cheaper using the work we do and Bitcoin related approaches.” He was asked where he would see personal computing technology 30 years from now and he answered that after 30 years there will be a wide range of progresses seen and improvements will be seen in vision and speech understanding and translation.