The mobile phone maker, Samsung made a world-wide announcement that asks Galaxy Note 7 users to turn off their devices. After hearing recent reports of the mobile device catching fire, the company attempted to prevent any injuries and lawsuits. Following the announcement to turn off all devices, another announcement was made by the South Korean business. They immediately stopped all sales of the Note 7.

In September, more than 2 million phones were recalled, when Samsung began to receive complaints about users having the batteries of their phones exploding. Samsung assured their customers that there was no worries with the devices that they had replaced. Afterwards, reports began to surface about the replaced devices having defects and catching fire.

One Kentucky resident had his phone replaced, then woke up to his bedroom smothered in smoke that was coming from his new Note 7. Later, a U.S. domestic flight had to be evacuated, because of smoke in the plane’s cabin that came from a Samsung Galaxy note 7.

The company stated: “Consumers with either an original Galaxy Note 7 or replacement Galaxy Note 7 device should power down and stop using the device and take advantage of the remedies available.”

Some sources say that Samsung was dragging their feet, after reports came out about users’ Note 7 continuing to catch fire. Analysis Dave Lee for BBC North American Technology said, “Perhaps even Samsung itself could not quite believe that one of the world leaders in electronics could have made such a catastrophic product safety error. Twice”

Users and reporters are more affected by Samsung attempting to cover up their disaster than the actual defects of the mobile devices. Now, Samsung has moved even slower on admitting that their new devices continue to have defects.  This gives Samsung an even bigger battle. Along with attempting to fix a global scare of their popular device, they also have to fight to maintain the trust of their customers. Being a supplier of a number of different products, this type of fiasco could be detrimental across the board.

It is believed that Samsung’s downfall stems from an attempt that all mobile devices makers are trying to do, which is make their lithium batteries more efficient, smaller, and the ability to charge faster. It is believed that Samsung’s defect comes from having positive and negative electrodes touching, which led to overheating, short circuits, and the reported fires.