It’s nearly upon us. Wet February. We’ve all gone dry, and like the US back when Prohibition was enforced, as soon as it was overturned, everyone (including the Dry’s) went nuts for booze. This is because in human psychology the reward centre has more control over us than we think. We look at treats as incentive drivers.

‘If I work really hard this week at the gym, I’ll treat myself to a 1kg bar of chocolate’

‘I’ve worked really hard in work, and not one person has noticed, I’ll grab a bottle of wine on the way home’.

So what you’re actually doing is more harm than good with Dry January, especially if you plan on the 1st February to get absolutely mortal and drink your own body weight in Wine. This is because firstly your body can’t cope with that volume of any liquid, and secondly your body will have gone through changes while it’s been drying out. Meaning you won’t experience any benefits because you’re simply take 2 steps forward and 3 back.

It is a much healthier (and safer) option to cut back in January, and continue through the year. Having a few regular drinks here and there, and not binging because binging is what does the most harm to the body.

If you intend to go dry for a prolonged period, by all means use January to give you a kick start, but continue it, or at the very most drink a bare minimum and have the will power to not let it creep back up on you, which is easier said than done.

Usually the first Saturday and Sunday of February sees a huge surge in alcohol sales, and the inevitable hangovers that ensue, there is also the effects it has on the health service, public services like police and then there are the few cases that end up being taken to court which can cost the government upwards of £50k each.

What we’re saying is well done for making it through Dry January, but don’t suddenly think that because you did it, you have a God given right to get absolutely sloshed, as that is just going to undo everything you’ve worked at and could also land you in a hospital bed having your stomach pumped (not the nicest of experiences).

During the month, you’ll have noticed a few changes. Usually after a couple of days. Firstly, your sleeping pattern will be more beneficial, with you getting more REM sleep, making you more productive, you’ll be eating better as you don’t crave donner kebabs at 2am, you’ll wake in a better mood and be more proactive to get moving and your liver will thank you, and as the liver repairs itself, you’ll be pleased to know that it will be back to full working order.

Your appetite will also increase, with you wanting to replace the empty calories and you’ll find you do lose a lot of weight.