Having given birth to both Prince George and Princess Charlotte in the last few years, one would imagine Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William may now consider their family complete. However, ever eager to keep their income high many betting companies in the UK and around the globe are already taking bets on what any third child for the couple will be called!

Betting companies that are based in Great Britain do have something of a strange tradition in making available to their customers a wide range of betting opportunities on the Royal Family, and one very unusual bet is available each year when HM The Queen attends the Royal Ascot race meeting.

Punters are able to place a bet on each day she attends and try and guess what colour her outfit for the day will be! However, if you do think that William and Kate will have a third child and you would like to bet on what name they will give to that yet unconfirmed third child then betting companies have already got betting markets available.

With that in mind we are going to take a look at which appear to be the most likely names for that child, who as you will be are if they do have one could be a boy or a girl, and as such the list of names is rather long, however the more common Royal names do have reasonable odds available, whilst some of the most unlikely names have rather high odds attached to them.

The red hot favorite name for any third child is Alice and that is a name many people thought would be the name of the second child for William and Kate, however as we all now know they chose Charlotte. The odds currently on offer for any third child being called Alice are 10/1.

If the couple have a boy then one name which many betting companies are convinced will be chosen for any third child they have which is a boy is Arthur and if that is a name you think they will call such a child then you will be able to currently take odds of 12/1.

Both Elizabeth and Victoria are popular in the betting markets too, with Elizabeth being the name of the current Queen of England and with Victoria having been a previous Queen of England either of those two names could be chosen and the odds are 12/1 on either of those name selections.

Two other male names which have fairly low odds associated with them are Phillip and James and if you think either of those names will be the name of their next child you will be able to take odds of some 14/1

At the other end of the betting scales are names such as Spencer, which has odds of 40/1, and also Sarah, Robert and Patrick all of whom are available at odds of a high 50/1!

Published by Sara O'Connell

A passionate photographer from Arizona, Sara enjoys art and culture.