Armed officers are in place across London ahead of the capital’s New Year’s Eve celebrations. There is a police presence in areas where crowds are expected to gather, as well on the Underground network.

Police officers with guns have already been seen outside Buckingham Palace for the Changing of the Guard, and there will be increased security at events across Britain.

Senior officials say security plans have been beefed up across London following terror attacks in Germany, France and Belgium. As well as extra armed officers, barriers are in place in a bid to prevent a copycat attack in the wake of incidents in Nice and Berlin, in which trucks were turned into weapons, to plough into innocent civilians.

The most anticipated event in the capital is the Mayor’s fireworks, which is so popular it has now become a ticket only event, to limit the number of people there, as crowds in previous years had grown to big.


Tourists from across the world are expected to flock to the River Thames to watch the incredible display over the water. This year, around 12,000 fireworks will be set off in a 12 minute extravaganza for the 110,000 people who have managed to get tickets.

Around 3,000 policemen and women are expected to be on duty across central parts of the capital tonight, both within the crowds who have tickets, and outside. British Transport Police have also confirmed that armed police will be travelling on the Underground system, as well as patrolling stations throughout New Year’s Eve.


Officers are now using the Tube system to get around on their regular patrols in order to make the Underground more secure, and to provide public reassurance. While many people are worried about a potential terror attack on New Year’s Eve, police say they have received no specific threat.


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