It never ceases to amaze me just what people will bet on, and there are some betting sites out there who are famed for putting together some of the most outrageous betting opportunities, in the hope some of their customers will place the odds bet on them!

I have just discovered a bookmaker, who shall remain anonymous, that is now offering odds on who will be the next Pope! Whilst if you are quite religious you may find betting in general quite repugnant, you may also find that bet quite immoral too, if so you better look away now!

Below I am going to be taking a look at the betting market and giving you an insight into who you may be tempted to bet on to become the next Pope, and I will also be giving you an insight into the odds of those people named below too.

Keep in mind though that this type of a bet is probably best looked upon as a novelty bet and a very speculative one too. However, I do know that many people do like placing some rather outlandish bets and wagers every now and then!

If would appear that the man who is attracting the most money on this betting market is Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle of the Philippines for his odds are currently very short at 4/1 and he is currently the red hot favourite to land the top job!

Another man with some rather short odds associated with him becoming the next pope is Cardinal Marc Ouellet of Canada and if you do fancy his chances then act quickly for you can currently get odds on him landing the job of 6/1

Another person with identical odds currently as that of the man above is Cardinal Peter Turkson of Ghana, and with odds that low it may be a good bet to place!

Both Cardinal Sean O’Malley of the United States and Archbishop Angelo Scola of Italy are in with a good chance of becoming the next Pope if their odds are to be taken at face value, for both of those men have odds of 15/2 attached to them.

If you fancy placing a bet on any of the outsiders to land the job then take a look at both Archbishop Diarmuid Martin of Ireland and Cardinal William Levada of the United States for both of them are currently available at odds of a huge 100/1 respectively!

If you do have more money than sense then consider placing a bet on Father Dougal Maguire, you may have heard of him as he is a character of the TV comedy show Father Ted based on the fictional Craggy Island, and his odds of becoming the next Pope are huge at 500/1!