As the Bookkeeper of Auschwitz dies aged 96. It’s important to remember, and never forget the victims of those vile death camps.

The ‘Bookkeeper’ as he was nicknamed, managed to evade prison and died without ever seeing the inside of a prison cell. He is one of a number of people who were tried and found guilty of crimes after the horrific events of WWII, but managed to not spend a single day in prison.

One other Nazi who evaded conviction and trial, was Hitler himself, who committed suicide when the war was coming to a close. There are obviously going to be hundreds, if not thousands of other ‘staff’ who have evaded justice, however, that is of no use to the victims who, against all hope, managed to survive and carve their own futures.

The camps were organized into several sections, and each person was given a badge to identify them. The badges were Red, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink, Black, Brown and an uninverted Red Triangle. Basically, if you didn’t fit in with the parties ideals, you were sent to one of the camps. This included Jews, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Gays and Lesbians, Alcoholics, Prostitutes and many others.

The reason why we should never forget such a dark part of world wide history, and not white wash it, is because knowledge is power, and having this knowledge, we have the power to not let it happen again, for regardless of what crime you had committed, no one deserves to be thrown into one of these camps to be annihilated like vermin.

It is also time for the world to begin teaching the whole story, not just the bits they like, for without a complete picture, the true extent of the horrors within those walls can never truly be understood. How those poor people, rounded up like cattle, shaved, branded, beaten, starved and gassed all for something that was most likely not a choice for them, is truly heinous and they deserve the dignity of being remembered and what they had to endure.

There are plenty of history books that we use in schools, by most of them do whitewash it to suit their own agendas. To teach the moral of the story, that in war, no one wins, we have to tell the whole story. We are facing uncertain times, and during these times, we need to educate ourselves from our own history.

The modern day Nazi’s are ISIS, who are wreaking terror, performing Jihad in the hopes of going to heaven and being betrothed with 72 virgins. A truly ridiculous concept, but they truly believe that this is what will happen if the die in the name of Allah.

Hitler, and many of the supporters of the Nazi party and regime believed in their own warped minds that they were purging the world of impurity, but in fact were making the world a desolate place, where the Aryan race ruled supreme and uncontested. A concept that would never prevail in practicality or theory in the long run.