A British great grandmother is among those killed in the shooting at Fort Lauderdale Airport. Eight four year old Olga Woltering died when a lone gunman opened fire on passengers who were waiting to collect their luggage.

Mrs Woltering, who is originally from Ipswich, had been in Florida to go on a cruise with her husband Ralph, to celebrate his 90th birthday. Her heartbroken son Tim has now paid tribute to the woman he said was “a loving wife, mother, grandmother, great grandmother, and good friend to many”. He said that had been the “cornerstone” of his family.

He also revealed that she was very active in the Transfiguration Church and would very much be missed be her faith community. Mrs Woltering, who was living in Georgia before her death, received tributes from her church, with a posting on its website saying she was charming and used to call everyone “Lovey” or “Love” in her British accent. Meanwhile, Father Fernando Molina-Restrepo said that she was a joyful and loving person, who had been a member of the church community for almost four decades.

Shot dead

Meanwhile, 62 year old Terry Andres, who was on holiday with his wife was also confirmed to have died. He had been a Norfolk Naval Shipyard worker and also a volunteer fire fighter. Three others were shot dead in the seemingly random attack, although police have not officially named them.

The gunman, Esteban Santiago, is already in custody. Questions are being asked about how the 26 year old was able to check in a gun on the plane, even though he was known to have mental health issues and he had already come to the attention of the FBI. He is currently being detained on suspicion of murder. Investigations will centre on his mental health issues and whether he had any terrorist links.


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