It is often at this time of the year that many people are in the very latter stages of planning their summer holidays and vacations, and if your destination is in a far flung place then there is a good chance that you will be looking to book a plane ticket for you and your group.

However, when it comes to looking up, comparing and then buying plane tickets you are going to be faced with one of two choices. Do you opt for a low cost budget airline or do you stick to one of the more established flag carrier airlines, which will cost you more but will give you lots of the extras not found included in the price of a budget airline ticket.

If you do opt to go down the budget airline route, then keep in mind that there are a few things you will need to be conscious and fully aware of. Take for example if you fly with Spirit Airlines in the US, you will have to pay for your carryon bag , however passengers are allowed one “personal item” however you will have to ensure it is no larger than their published size.

That published size by the way is prone to being changed regularly, and as such always check with their website or if you turn up with a too large in size bag you will be hit with an additional fee.

Over in the UK and Europe there are plenty of different budget airlines that passengers can pick and choose from, however there are plenty of additional fees and charges that you can going to be hit with if you do not plan your journey well in advance.

Whilst companies like Jet2, Easy Jet and Ryanair to name but three low cost airlines do let you take a carryon bag with you they do impose weight and size restrictions on those carryon bags. You will find that Ryanair however have started to use a sneaky seat allocation system, whereby travellers all booking together get scattered around the plane, to force them to pay additional charges for seats next to each other.

You are also going to have to pay for drinks, meals and snacks on any budget airline so if you can we would suggest you take a packed lunch with you to save on the rip off cost of those meals, drinks and snacks that are often several times dearer than if you bought them in a local store.

One thing you will not be able to include in your packed lunch is drinks, as you will not be able to take liquids through airport security with you!

There are some long haul budget airlines that also may be worth considering if you want to go to some far flung places, so consider going with airlines such as Wow Air and Norwegian Airlines as they go to many worldwide destinations and if you book well in advance you will save a fortune travelling with them!