I don’t like to condone violence (unless it’s in a horror film). I also don’t like civil unrest, but in this case, it’s all going out of the window!

His reign of terror has been going on for longer than the Nightmare on Elm Street series and has been more brutal than Freddy’s reign of nightmare terror. At least Freddy was an equal opportunities killer. Gay, Straight, Black, White, Deaf, Blind, Male, Female, it was all fair game to him.

Mugabe systematically pursued his undesirables similar to the way Hitler targeted his.

The experiences of the people, I shudder to even try to imagine, for I couldn’t come up with such callous and barbaric ideas. At least in horror films, you know it isn’t real, and it’s just the writers imagination putting something together to make a spectacular scene.

But Mugabe has been a blight on the world since his dictatorship took power and now he refuses to stand down despite the army saying they’ll kill him and Grace themselves if the public don’t do it first.

It’s like the final scene from The Hunger Games: Mocking Jay part I. I can see it happening.

They’ll be tied to stakes, and the poor suffering citizens that have endured life under his ‘reign’ will have a free for all.

Anarchy will pursue, riots will begin, and before we know it, there will be a civil war.

Scarier still, is the fact that in a country that is so corrupt that Mugabe lives a life of luxury, his people starve with no basic essentials, is that it’s bound to happen again. As Stephen King nicely puts it SS:DD (Same Shit: Different Day).

I’d say auction off all of their goods, including the diamonds, designer shoes, dresses, suits, coats, furniture, art. But who would honestly want something so beautiful that has been defiled by such grotesqueness?

The country needs an overhaul, and ‘The Crocodile’ (hardly fills your heart with confidence) is probably only a degree better. A proper democracy needs putting in place, where poor farmers can work up, and where promising girls can study more than embroidery. On the flip side, said poor farmers wife should be able to make her weight in gold with her skills, while their son who has a flair for fashion should be able to ditch woodwork and learn tailoring and dressmaking.

We live a privileged life in the West, and we shouldn’t knock it, however, we have a responsibility once this tyrant is out to try to build bridges, just for the sake of the next generation. It will take a few generations to change views, but it would be far more beneficial for all if we all started reading from the same hymn sheet. Or at the very least, the same book. I understand culture is culture, but I also understand that Stockholm Syndrome is Stockholm Syndrome. Simply look at Kim Jong Un and how that’s going.