The huge fire that caused death and devastation at a tower block in the UK is to be made subject of a public inquiry the Prime Minister of the UK has announced. To date no final death toll has been given in regards to the number of people who died in that fire with some people speculating that it could be hundreds of people.

It has been discovered that the type of cladding used to cover the outside of the tower block in an attempt to make it more visually appealing is banned in the US and if contractors had used the fireproof cladding it would have cost just £5000 more.

Grenfell Tower is the tower blocks official name, and yesterday Theresa May visited the site, however after her visit many people told how she didn’t interact with them and simply stood looking at the tower block whilst having discussions with fire officers and other officials at the scene.

Jeremy Corbyn also visited the scene and was seen to be hugging and consoling may people who were affected by the fire, and he stated that all second homes in the nearby area should be seized by the government to allow those people made homeless by the fire to be re-house immediately.

The Long Mayor Sadiq Khan also visited the scene of the fire, however after being asked by a 7 year old boy how many people died and what was he going to do about the fire local people hurled abuse at the Mayor and one man had to be led away by police.

The fact that the first spread so quickly and killed so many people does however need investigating, for there are numerous other tower blocks around the UK that have had cladding put on them to make them aesthetically pleasing to the eye and not make them look like eyesores which many tower blocks built in the 1970’s sadly are.

Many people have been speculating why officials have stated why they will not be able to identify large numbers of people in the tower blocks who did die and also what the real cause of the fire was.

Local people however have been showing their community spirit and have been donating, cash, food and clothing and other household items to the people who have been left with just their clothes on their back. In fact, many celebrities who live in the area such as Adele have visited the scene and have been seen hugging and kissing people affected by the fire.