There does appear to be no depths that some people will not stoop to in an attempt to make their lives somewhat better, or get their hands on some easy cash. Well sadly that has been proven to be true yet again as a man claiming to have lost his wife and child in the tragic Grenfell Tower block blaze has just been exposed as making that story up.

In fact, police who had a suspicion something about his story was not right when he put in a claim for new housing and cash from the emergency fund discover he hasn’t even got a wife or child, and has a home, albeit nowhere near Grenfell Towers.

This type of crime is sadly one that does make something of a mockery of the system in place to help genuine victims of any major disaster, and in regards to who this man is police have not yeat released his name, just that he is a 52 year old male.

What would cause someone to make up such a story is beyond most people, however whenever there is any type of major disaster or event you can bet your bottom dollar there will also be some people who are prepared to cash in, in any way possible.

Just the other day a man was seen begging near Grenfell Tower with a small sign that read that he had been made homeless due to the fire and the local council had not helped him. He had been raking in cash donations from passersby’s for hours until someone challenged him on his story and he fled with his ill-gotten gains!

Many people have been upset at the way the authorities have handled the whole sorry saga of Grenfell Towers, however many more people are now equally as concerned if not outraged at the aftermath of the fire.

For many private and local authority as well as government owned buildings are now being checked to see if they have the same time of cladding attached to them, and many flats and apartments have been exposed as having that type of cladding attached to them. An inquiry into the Grenfell Tower fire has also been announced and a judge appointed to lead that inquiry.

Many residents have been evacuated from other blocks of flats and apartments and are being put up in emergency shelters until all of the cladding has been removed and the buildings declared as safe.

That is costing local councils across the United Kingdom millions of pounds each week to home hundreds of people, and those costs are going to keep on rising until each block of flats and other buildings have had all of the flammable cladding removed.

Imagine not being able to move into your own home for weeks, and having to sleep and live in a hotel, bed or breakfast accommodation or in some cases on the floor of your local leisure centre as an emergency measure, that is something no one should be forced to do due to no fault of their own.