It’s a pity that the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un hasn’t got a Twitter account, for if he did then he and Trump would be able to battle things out online instead of it currently being a one way street of threats emitting from Donald Trump’s Twitter account!

However, the world is now waiting to see which of those two leaders decide to act first, whilst it is true to say Trump is showing great strength in leadership by not already having flattened North Korean with several well aimed missiles, the North Korean leader is using the state led media to do all the sabre rattling for him, on his instructions of course.

Having made the announcement that North Korea now does have a nuclear capability, and with the United Nations have had a unanimous vote in regards to tightening up the sanctions now in place on North Korea, Kim Jong Un is making all the right noises that will shortly ensure an attack is imminent, from one side or the other.

It would also appear that patience of both China and Russia has also run out with both of these countries amassing their military of the border with North Korea, and many people are convinced that Trump will launch a pre-emptive attack on North Korea very, very soon, but just what type of attack it will be remains to be seen.

Whilst no one will want it to be a nuclear attack, it is no secret that the USA does have many different types of missile and weapons at their instant disposal, however it will take quite a lot of very well aimed conventional but non nuclear missiles to completely neutralise North Korea.

It is probably the neighbouring countries to North Korea that may have most to lose if either side do decide to strike first, for South Korea may see a huge influx of people flooding over their borders if the US does strike first, however the same could be said for China and Russia too.

It will probably be the case that Trump will wait to for a short while to see if the trade sanctions against North Korea do begin to bite.

However, we feel he will have no problems what so ever pressing the button or giving the order to attack if one more missile is fired from North Korea, irrespective if it is a test missile or an actual attack on one of the places Kim Jong Un has promised to attack.