UK Snow

We’ve had some interesting weather over the last few years, but this year is really taking the biscuit! 2 Arctic storms have battered Britain and have seemingly joined forces like two allied armies. With freak snow storms, power outages, travel chaos and now the risk of running out of gas, people are beginning to panic buy.

Normally I’m the voice of reason and tell them to get over it. You’re not going to die without that 4th loaf of bread you’re attempting to stockpile, and you certainly don’t need that 40th can of Baxter’s vegetable soup. In fact, you’re putting others at risk by being so selfish.

The snow will subside soon enough, and will eventually melt, so you really don’t have to worry that your apocalypse supplies will run out. There aren’t any Horsemen of the Apocalypse on the horizon.

Below is a basic shopping list of essentials you should be looking at stocking up on and should easily see 2 people go for a week.


Tea, Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Bottled Water 4L x6, UHT Milk 1L x 12, Bovril, Cup Soups, Sugar, Whiskey/Brandy for hot toddies, Wine and Beer (if you drink alcohol), Vimto, Apple and Blackcurrant Cordial (both Vimto and A&B Cordial are great hot).


Bread x2, Hot Dog Rolls, 12 Eggs, Sausages, Bacon, Cheese, Minced Beef 500g x2, 1 Large Whole Chicken, Vegetables, Sandwich Meats, Butter, Potted Meats x5-10.


Pizzas x 3 – 4, Frozen Pies, Frozen Chips, Frozen Vegetables, Ready Meals x 4.


Baked Beans x6, Pasta Pots x 6 – 12, Tinned Tomatoes x 6, Jarred Sauces x 4, Tinned Soups x 6 – 12, Tinned Vegetables, Tinned Meats like Corned Beef x 4, Mayo, Ketchup, Mustard, Hot Dog Sausages, Rice, Pasta, Pasta Sauces x 4, Multipack of Crisps, Cereals/Porridge Oats.


Torches x 2, Batteries, Loo Roll x 12, Toothpaste, Deodorant, Cigarettes (if you smoke), Lighters, Candles, a Onesie each, extra socks, Gloves, Scarves, Hats. Also, if you have a pre paid gas and/or electric meter, try and put a fair amount on your account so you don’t get caught short. If you don’t use it all, it’s not going anywhere, you just don’t have to worry about topping it up for a little while.

Above is plenty to allow you to make a fair few warm meals, and probably still have change left from £150 including gas and electricity, but not alcohol and tobacco. The most important thing to remember is your sundries. I’ve done the shop on ASDA’s website, and the basket total is surprisingly low, with the price being bumped up mainly by tobacco and alcohol, closely followed by the array of batteries.

So you see, you don’t need to stockpile, you’re not about to experience 40 days of night or re-enact the Blitz. You’re simply going to have to get creative in your approach to things, and if at all possible, prepare meals in advance just in case you have to rely on your microwave.