It really does say something when even the Queen has something to say. She, unlike her Husband, is one of the few women in society, whom when she says something, not only does she mean it, but the entire room goes quiet.

Formidable, quietly understated and respectful, HM Elizabeth II has a very calculating and quick mind. She isn’t cruel, or a dictator, but has the talent a lot of us don’t, which is to see into the future, and adjust her actions accordingly for the good of the British people.

Such is Elizabeth’s dismay, and it has seriously left a foul taste in her mouth, she had not only condemned the terrorist behind the Ariana Grande bombing, but praised the humanity and the good will of Mancunians.

We are all different people, some richer, some poorer, some smarter, some not quite as quick off the mark. But one thing that has been shown and beamed across the world, is that when under crisis, the Brits not only pull together, we do all that is humanly possible to protect.

Homeless men who were around the arena at the time dumped their meagre belongings to try and help the children and keep them safe. Hotels opened their doors and allowed refuge in the lobby offering free food and drinks to those inside.

Taxi firms from as far away as Liverpool, St. Helens, Wigan and Huddersfield turned their meters off to help children get home. Civilians opened their own homes for people, offering Tea and Toast, beds, couches, mattresses on the floor, anything and everything was offered to help those involved in the tragic and mindless carnage, to sleep it off, and know they were safe.

Unlike London, which is very aloof, Manchester is a very welcoming and warm city, where everything and anything is accepted for what it is. The pace is slower, but in the same breath, more productive. You ask someone for directions, and short of drawing you a map, you’ll get them. Ask a homeless person for the time, and they’ll happily give you it without expecting payment (though they may ask if you have some change).

It doesn’t matter if you’re Gay, Straight, Black, Asian, White or any mix and combination of anything you can think of, the Mancunian way is Live and let Live, and it makes me proud to be Mancunian knowing that out of this utter carnage, the very best in people was brought out and from the bottom of the ladder to the top, people were helping in any way they could.

It sounds stupid, that a couch or a mattress on the floor could mean so much to someone, but believe me, that mattress on the floor, and that couch that a pair a 14 year old girls slept on while their mum was in the kitchen having a stiff drink with their host after the attack means more than any kind of wealth. For she knew they were all safe.