There’s nothing quite like a fairy tale. A commoner meeting her handsome prince. Actually, this has happened twice in the last decade. Both Prince William and Prince Harry have broken out of the protocol, and not pursued their love interests within the aristocracy. But have chased, and caught, the hearts of mere mortals.

This isn’t to sound rude, and I’m abundantly happy (and maybe a little jealous) for Harry and Meghan. Though, there is a darker side too for all involved. A reversed fairy tale so to speak.

Meghan Markle’s rise up the ladder came after a lottery win by her father, literally firing her up the social ladder at such an alarming rate she could see stars. Harry (and William) on the other hand, born into the system, lost the one thing that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. Their mother.

Behind the beautiful landscaped gardens and extra tight security guards, something else was unravelling. Two young men (or boys as they were at the time), were going through the joys of adolescence, complete with the usual spots and mood swings, and were then dealt the brutal blow that their mother had died.

William dealt with it slightly better, and was able to mask his raw emotions, until recently. Harry, as always, being a wild card, went down a more rebellious route. Like his mum, Diana, he has a maverick streak. One that shoves 2 fingers up to what is ‘proper’.

We have all been witness to his drunken nights out, ‘bum gate’, his passion for having a good time. There is no denying that he is definitely Diana’s son, Freddy Mercury once smuggled her into a gay bar!

But this fairy tale simply doesn’t end there.

Meghan, a divorcee, has managed to bounce back after the collapse of her first marriage, and forge herself a pretty good career. Harry went on to serve in the armed forces, and although his ultimate rank in the grand scheme of things was higher than all of his fellow squaddies, he remained humble and modest to his fellow service men and women, setting up the Invictus games not long after leaving.

What we have here is 2 damaged people, of very different circumstances. One from a broken home with estranged siblings, who literally was catapulted into wealth, the other from a family that could probably serve a unicorn on a silver platter should he so wish.

But the thing with damaged goods, is you can put 2 together and the parts that don’t work in one can be repaired with the other and vice versa.

This marriage will be a fairy tale wedding, on both sides. 2 souls, who have both endured heartache and indescribable pain and suffering in one way or another, have found themselves a true match.

We wish them all the best, and hope that they cherish each moment, because they bloody well deserve it.

Published by Sara O'Connell

A passionate photographer from Arizona, Sara enjoys art and culture.