Meghan Markle’s half brother has been arrested and charged over allegations that he held a gun to his girlfriend’s head after a drunken row.

Thomas Markle Jr has spoken out about how Prince Harry has met Ms Markle’s father Thomas snr, and about how much in love the couple area. Now, it has emerged that police were called to the property he and his partner Darlene Blount share in Oregon.

He was taken into custody by officers following the drunken argument. A police log of the domestic incident describes how the 50 year old and his girlfriend began to argue, before Markle grabbed a gun and pressed it to her head, which was said to be a drunken attempt to get her to leave the house.

Locked herself in bathroom

Ms Blunt is understood to have called police from the bathroom after locking herself in there to escape from Markle. He has been charged with menacing, pointing a firearm at another person, and unlawful use of a weapon.

The arrest and charges have been confirmed by the Josephine County Sheriff’s Office which said he was arrested at 11pm on January 12 and has been released on Friday. He will appear at court on a later date. Bail for Markle’s release was set at $1,500 and Markle is understood to have called his former wife Tracy Dooley in the early hours of the morning to ask her to help to pay for his release.

Ms Dooley said she hoped that it did not lead to an embarrassing situation for Meghan, adding that Markle did want the best for his half sister, although they had not seen each other very much over the last few years. Prince Harry and Ms Markle’s relationship is understood to be very serious, with the pair having just got back from their first holiday together as a couple.



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