A mother of two has died in a horrific accident at a chocolate factory. Twenty four year old Sventlana Roslina is understood to have accidentally dropped her mobile phone into a vat of melted chocolate, falling in when she reached in to try to get it back. Another suggestion is that she was tipping ingredients into the huge mixer when she lost her balance and fell in with them.

The accident happened at the Sergiev-Posad confectionary plant in Fedortsovo, Moscow, with one source saying that she became caught up in machinery so only her legs remained.

The tragic mum was married to husband Vladimir and had two children, both under the age of five. A police investigation has now been launched into the circumstances of her death. They will be looking to establish whether her cause of death was as a result of drowning or injury, as well as looking at whether any health and safety breaches took place.


One resident, who lives opposite the factory, said she saw police cars and a hearse outside, and had been told that the woman had dropped her phone into the tank and was attempting to get it back when she was pulled in by equipment and could not manage to get out again.

The woman worked in Russia’s chocolate industry, which has been going through tough economic times. According to recent reports, the cost of raw materials going up and the value of the rouble decreasing mean people are not spending as much on chocolate.

Overall in Russia, there has been a reduction in the spend on discretionary goods, with an average Russian eatig 4.5 kg of chocolate each year.

Her family will now have to come to terms with her horrific death at a time of year that they should be celebrating the festive season together.




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