A 30 year old woman who strangled her baby within moments of giving birth won’t be sent to prison. Lithuanian national Gintare Suminaite strangled her little girl with a pair of knickers in the bathroom of a bedsit she lived in with her boyfriend.

Suminaite gave birth after having an affair with a fellow Lithuanian. The mother earlier denied murder at court but admitted infanticide on the grounds of being mentally disturbed following the birth.

The women, from Bognor Regis, has already spent 298 days on remand and has now been told at the Old Bailey that she must serve a 24-month community order, with rehabilitation. The murder charge will, however, still lie on her file.

Prosecuting, Ed Brown, told the court in London that she had not told either her boyfriend or health authorities that she was pregnant. And, when her long-term partner told her he had his suspicions that she had been sleeping with Arturas Vencuis, 32, she denied that was the case.

Strained relationship

She and her long-term partner already have a young child together. However, their relationship came under pressure as they both worked at the same firm, but were working opposite shifts, so hardly saw each other. Suminaite and her lover had made plans to leave Britain and go back to Lithuania. However, while he went, she decided to stay because she did not want to leave her child behind.

On the day she gave birth, she left her shift early, telling bosses that she had “big problems”. She gave birth in the bathroom of her home, while her boyfriend was in another room. When he finally went to look for her, he found that she was naked in the bathroom, with the floor covered in blood. He also saw what appeared to be a baby bath full of clothes, which he later realised was actually a baby.

He called emergency services and she told him that she had done something bag and would be going to prison. At first, the baby was not found as the couple did not mention that she was there. But, eventually, horrified paramedics found the tragic newborn.

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