Kim Jong-Un has gone on record saying that nothing is going to stop him from testing his country’s new breed of missiles even though he has been advised by neighboring China, the US and even Russia that he should stop doing do or there will eventually be consequences.

Well, true to his word he has just, yet again, launched another ballistic missile which it has been reported landed just 60 miles from Russia. This new missile test and launch is going to bring even more condemnation, however whether any country is going to finally snap and take action to stop Jong-Un doing so does remain to be seen.

This latest missile test saw his ballistic missile travel 500 miles and land in the Sea of Japan, which does somewhat put paid to rumors that the more recent failed missile tests only failed as a result of a computer hacking by another yet to be named country, however many people have been speculating that China or the US managed to infiltrate his testing system and forced those previous missile launches to fail.

It has been confirmed that this new launch took place in an area located to the North West of Pyongyang in a reign known as Kusong, and it would appear that the North Koreans are moving the test facilities around the country in an attempt to conceal where they are.

The Russian President will of course not be happy that the missile ditched in the water just 60 miles south to Russia’s Vladivostok region and it may not be long before Putin snaps and runs out of patience with this mad man.

In fact, President Trump upon hearing of this missile launch said that he ‘cannot imagine that Russia is pleased’, and it may be the case that the US and Russia finally open up some direct dialogue in regards to how they can finally stop Jong-Un and his mad obsession with making his country a nuclear state capable or hitting both countries.

Over in Japan their Defense Minster has stated that the missile used and tested could be a new type of missile not previously tested out, and experts have estimated that it could be a new breed of missile that is capable of hitting Hawaii.

This missile launch is the first one in two weeks when the previous one failed, however it does confirm in no uncertain terms that Jong-Un is pushing forward with his commitment to continue to test out new missiles including those capable of delivering nuclear weapons to any country he wants to hit.

Published by Sara O'Connell

A passionate photographer from Arizona, Sara enjoys art and culture.