The tragic New Year’s Eve partygoers gunned down in a nightclub terror attack have been named by Turkish authorities. Those killed include the daughter of a well known Lebanese businessman, the chief of security at the Reina nightclub and also a bus driver who had taken a party of clubbers to the New Year’s Eve event.

Others who died include a female security guard, who was at the club as Turkish law says that a woman security official must be present in case of any searches on female clubbers. Also an Arab-Israeli student and a Lebanese banker were fatally shot.

Turkish officials have released the details of the victims as a massive manhunt continues for the gunman. It has emerged that he arrived in a taxi before opening fire with a machine gun at the upmarket club. He took a cab, but then because of heavy traffic decided to get out and walk the final four minutes to the club.

ISIS claims responsibility

ISIS has now claimed it was responsible for the massacre, heaping praise on what it described as a “heroic soldier of the caliphate who attacked the most famous nightclub where Christians were celebrating their pagan feast.”

A gunman, dressed as Santa Claus, entered the club in Istanbul before opening fire randomly in an assault which lasted for five and a half minutes. He fired a total of 180 bullets into the petrified crowd. Witnesses described terrified clubbers as climbing over each other in a bid to escape, as well as jumping into the Bosphorus river to get away.

Turkish officials has arrested eight people in connection with the terror attack. But, it is believed that the main suspect could be at large. It is understood that the suspect could be from the Central Asian states of Kyrgyzstan or Uzbekistan.

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