Prince Harry, fifth in line to the UK throne has opened up and has stated that he had once contemplated giving up his royal role, and has seriously considered living as a commoner.

It is well documented that the 32 year old Prince has been suffering from mental illness but this is the first time he has made his feelings known on the role which was mapped out for him at birth, and having lots his mother at a very early age that was probably one of the main reasons for his insecurities and his current frame of mind.

He has also said that when his mother died and he was forced to walk behind her coffin as it was driven through the streets of London that was something he didn’t want to do, and he doubts that any young child would be forced to do so today.

His has gone on record as saying the happiest time in recent years was his time in the army, when he could just be Harry and not be a Prince, and one thing that did greatly annoy him when he was serving in Afghanistan was having his whereabouts published in a newspaper, which caused the military to hastily evacuate him from the war zone on the grounds of safety.

One of the main reasons he has decided to continue in his roles as UK Royal is his loyalty to his grandmother HM The Queen, and having just flown out on a safari holiday for ten days, just before he went he said that no one wants to have the role of King or Queen when that day arrives!

A huge percentage of the UK general public have something of a soft spot for Prince Harry, for they all shared his grief when his mother did die, and they have warmly embraced him in his new role supporting a range of different charities.

Time will only tell whether he will change his views on whether any senior member of the Royal Family will want to become King or Queen, however the likelihood of him being required to do so, being fifth in line to the throne is tiny, and as such that is something we feel he should not be worrying himself about.

He has recently found himself a girlfriend, and with his older brother William now being settled with a family, that is something he has said he would like to do, probably much sooner rather than later.

Whilst everyone does have a right to make their own way through life, it cannot be easy when through no choice of your own you are born into a Royal Family whether in the UK or elsewhere.