Another man has committed suicide after being falsely accused of rape, and the Perpetrator is ONLY JUST being investigated for perverting the course of justice.

The young man committed suicide after being under investigation on a completely unfounded claim and left a suicide note stating he’s ‘away from the misery’. This isn’t the first time the police have wrongly but suspects under scrutiny without even looking into the accuser.

There have been several cases over the past few years, where women have cried rape, knowing full well that they had consensually agreed to sex, but have then later regretted it. Or chillingly, wanted to cause the person as much pain as possible, with as little effort.

The fact that an accuser is granted legally anonymity, it can be seen as some as an easy way to get back at someone, and tarnish their name, while the one accused ends up with their name splashed all over the media, which is an unfair, and actually barbaric rule.

To be accused of doing one of the worst crimes imaginable, is hard enough in itself, to then have your accuser get off scot free and an absolute travesty.

There are lives being lost because of false allegations, and some people never do recover, while others never get their name and reputation back, yet the accuser can’t be named and shamed. If you get a speeding ticket, you’re named and shamed, but apparently, falsely accusing someone of raping you is of less importance, and you can (and it’s happened) accuse 20 + people of sexually assaulting you without any evidence, all of which have to be looked into.

This isn’t just a gross waste of police resources, but is also a heinous crime, committed to inflict as much pain and damage as possible, and it needs to be nipped in the bud.

The old fable, the boy that cried wolf rings true here. After a while, no one will believe you when it does happen.

This woman, who’s deplorable and callous actions has led to this mans suicide should be tried for Manslaughter at the very least, not to mention wasting police time and resources and for the pain and suffering of his family, because there is no worse feeling than that of a parent having to bury their child. That tragic loss of a bright, handsome man with all of his life ahead of him, gone.

The woman hopefully will feel some form of remorse, but I seriously doubt it. She calculated and made sure everything was in place so she could deal the final blow. A blow that would prove to be fatal, and now all the mans family have left of their son is a place to visit on holy days, when they should have been enjoying Sunday Lunches, his wedding, their grand children and all the other things that we all take for granted.

So the law needs changing. Name and Shame the accusers, because that’s only fair.