The CPS admitted that last year, 13 rape trials collapsed after the failed to disclose vital evidence against the defendants. The shocking figure comes as we see more and more rape trials being dropped due to lack of evidence, or that the allegations were completely unfounded.

There are so many embarrassing blunders, that I’m beginning to wonder if the police have actually completed any training on how to solve crimes. There are monsters being overlooked and allowed to carry on terrorizing, and then there are innocent (usually young men) who have had a bit too much to drink, and have had consensual sex with someone, who then, when the boozy cloud has lifted, regrets it and then goes to the police to claim they have been raped.

Some of the vital evidence that was with held has included text messages after the alleged attack, a diary, facebook exchanges and even phone calls. There have been CCTV pictures that have been withheld, it’s almost like the CPS is determined to wreck innocent lives just so they can hit statistics.

There are so many cases, from misdemeanours to more serious crimes where the ‘guilty’ party was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, take a lot of the people caught up in the Manchester Riots, a lot of them were just trying to get away from the place, but they were all rounded up and put under caution for questioning.

There have been cases where men have been put behind bars for crimes they didn’t commit, but the person who falsely accused them isn’t treated the same way. Yes, all crimes should be taken seriously, but surely some common sense needs to be used. If an alibi and CCTV puts you in a different town, city or even country to where the alleged crime happened, that should be absolutely solid proof that they didn’t commit the crime.

There was a case where a woman who falsely accused 15 (yes, fifteen) men of rape, and she was only jailed for a decade, despite 2 of the men had been jailed and their convictions quashed. She destroyed 15 innocent men’s lives, and it was only after doctors examined her, they realized that not only were the bruises and cuts self inflicted, she had also used a piece of wire to make it look as if she had been raped.

One of the accused fled the country, his life in tatters, all because the CPS didn’t do their job correctly. Surely, after the 3rd case collapsed they should have started asking questions, or is doing a little back searching too difficult when it comes to such a sensitive subject?

Had the police actually done this, instead of trying to hit targets, they would have noticed a pattern emerging and this pattern was clear for all to see. She was a trouble causer, caught on CCTV attacking at least one of the accused.

So come on CPS, get your thumb out of your backside and do the job properly.

Sara O'Connell
A passionate photographer from Arizona, Sara enjoys art and culture.