Police in Germany say the Christmas market killer may still be on the run – with a gun – after admitting they have the wrong man. Officers chased down and held an asylum seeker from Pakistan in connection with the attack.

But, after interrogating the suspect for 12 hours, they are now saying that the killer could still be on the loose with a gun. Officers who have questioned the suspect, 23, say he has no injuries, no blood on his clothes and denies any involvement in hijacking the lorry to kill and maim as many people as possible. According to latest figures, 12 people were murdered and 48 injured when the lorry ploughed through shoppers at a Christmas market in Berlin.

A senior police source said they had the wrong man, so the terrorist was still at large, armed and able to cause further carnage.

Last night, the 25-tonne lorry turned off its lights before tearing through shoppers and stalls at 40mph at Breitscheidplatz Square. Horrified witnesses have described seeing children being sent flying like “bowling pins” like the vehicle as well as being run over. People at the scene said there were “rivers of blood” at the market as the killer driver deliberately drove at them before leaping from the cab and fleeing the scene.

Police say a witness at the market gave chase while talking to officers on his phone. But senior sources now believe their have the wrong man. Polish driver Lukasz Urban was found shot dead in the cab after the lorry crashed. The father of one had been transporting steel beams into Germany. No gun has been found, leading to fears that the perpetrator still has it.


The terror attack is being seen not just as a national disaster, but a personal one for Chancellor Angela Merkel, who is running for another term next year.

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