Homelessness in the UK is Becoming an Epidemic

The Manchester Evening News has recently taken to the streets to speak to rough sleepers in Manchester, the city with the highest number of rough sleepers outside the London area. It is a very bleak picture that they paint. There are stories of addiction, despair, bereavement and harassment. Stories of domestic abuse, prostitution, pimping and […]

UK CPS Criticised for Rape Trials

The CPS admitted that last year, 13 rape trials collapsed after the failed to disclose vital evidence against the defendants. The shocking figure comes as we see more and more rape trials being dropped due to lack of evidence, or that the allegations were completely unfounded. There are so many embarrassing blunders, that I’m beginning […]

It’s Time to Leave Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Alone

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle has set a date for their wedding next year. However, the press seem to not get it that they deserve some privacy while organizing it. Would you want all and sundry knowing ever little detail of your wedding? This is getting to the point where people are beginning to resent […]