Okay, we’ve seen it all now can we start educating our kids

Over the last 2 nights, we’ve seen ‘The Real Full Monty’. Wednesday was the boys, raising awareness for Male Cancers, and last night was the girls turn, raising awareness for Women’s cancers. Both worthy causes, and if I’m honest, causes that aren’t explored enough. I’ll be perfectly honest, nudity doesn’t bother me in the slightest. […]

The Full Monty Testicular Cancer Awareness

Several UK celebs of both genders have agreed to bear all to raise funds and awareness for cancer. The boys include the likes of Alexander Armstrong and Ainsley Harriot, while the girls include Coleen Nolan. Channelling the hugely popular comedy from the 90’s, The Full Monty (American friends, if you’ve not seen it, it is […]

The Oscars Proved the Importance of Learning Extra Languages

The Silent Child won the Best Live Action Short Film Oscar last night, and the most poignant moment of the night, was when Rachel Shenton did her entire acceptance speech in British Sign Language. The Silent Child follows the life of a deaf girl who lives in a world of absolute silence, where her parents […]

Victoria Beckham is in a Little Hot Water

Victoria Beckham has been slammed on social media for using a very slim model for her latest eye-wear range. Unfortunately, the backlash has come from parents complaining that the model used is the reason for their daughters thinking they have to be stick thin. Now, although I don’t condone the use of unrealistic models, I […]