Is it possible for people to be famous for actually DOING good things? It’s been a very strange week or so. Stephen Hawking died, Jim Bowen Died. They’ve been dropping like flies.

Kim Kardashian gives someone a blowjob and suddenly she’s an A list celeb!

Seriously, there is something wrong when the untalented are being made into the medias hot totty.

The Beatles had talent, Elvis had talent, Cher has talent, Bette Midler has talent. They are true celebs. People that actually do something, instead we’ve got the modern day Addams Family thrust into the spotlight. We have Kaitlyn Jenner, a former Olympian, and then the entourage he married into. Kris, Kim, Khloe, Kourtney and Rob.

Seriously, these are famous for doing exactly what?

It’s like a lot of reality stars. They are famous for simply being notoriously badly behaved in night clubs.

Big Brother, for example has ended up making minor celebs of people, as as X-Factor and <insert country here>’s got talent. They get a 15 minute burst of fame, and then fade into obscurity, only then to become sensations on reality TV.

Katie Price got her boobs out for The Sun, had a child with a footballer, subsequently divorced and remarried several times, and she’s what our youth look up to. Fake boobs and fake tan so dark it looks like she’s rolled around in Chicken gravy!

Do we really want our children to be looking up to thugs, druggies and sluts? Thinking that making a sex tape (and leaking it on the internet) will make them famous?

What about the celebs that have done things. Like Martin Luther King, who kick started the Civil Rights Movement. What about Emmaline Pankhurst, who was one of the leaders of the Suffragettes? They did things that changed history, things that matter, and they’re not as idolized as these reality people that flash their boobs or get their abs out while sunning it in Spain.

Celebrity should be reserved for the talented, and those who have worked to change the world. Not vainly objectify themselves and make them wannabe porn stars.

I want to see people in the news who have done real things, not just kick a ball around for 90 minutes, or wear a pair of jeans from a certain designer.

Why don’t we start looking at real talent? There are so many musicians, artists, dancers, designers out there, yet we seem to spend all of our time and energy following the talentless, vain, egotistical people around that do absolutely nothing but enjoy a life of riley without having to lift a finger. It’s actually quite sickening, especially when you have to endure article after article about them. Let’s get back to celebrating glamour, class and taste. Not some topless bimbo who likes to post nudes to ‘break the internet’.