Full Monty Cancer Awareness

Several UK celebs of both genders have agreed to bear all to raise funds and awareness for cancer. The boys include the likes of Alexander Armstrong and Ainsley Harriot, while the girls include Coleen Nolan.

Channelling the hugely popular comedy from the 90’s, The Full Monty (American friends, if you’ve not seen it, it is a true British gem of gritty comedy), where during the Sheffield Steel crisis, coupled with the aftermath of recession, a group of guys find themselves so flat broke, something costs ‘£4.99 and they’re still a fiver short.’.

Both sets of participants are raising awareness for male and female cancers, and hopefully much needed funds to help research and hopefully one day cure this horrible disease. Each celebrity has their own reason for doing it. For example, Jack Tweedy, who was married to Jade Goodie, who was tragically diagnosed with, and ultimately died of cervical cancer, leaving him with their 2 sons, whom, though I’m not a huge fan of his I must admit, he has done an impeccable job at raising them in to a pair of lovely little boys.

One of the main reasons for male cancers being quite a big thing at the moment is that for the first time, testicular cancer is killing more men than breast cancer is killing women, and the pendulum has swung further towards men, and it’s high time that male cancers got a cut of the research.

With male cancers (testicular and prostate), they’re on a par with women’s cancers (ovarian and cervical). Neither is less or more important, they just so happen to only affect one gender, and like it or not, getting checked out is imperative.

Ladies, stirrups are hardly the most comfortable things (you’d think they could at least get something to cushion the straps!), and gents, having a couple of fingers up your backside isn’t the most flattering experience (for most), but is 10 minutes of mild indignation and discomfort seriously more important than your health? Watching your children grow? Growing old with your partner?

We can’t force anyone to get regular checkups, though ideally you should be getting yourself MOT’d once every 6 months, 3 if you have already had cancer, or you have a strong line of cancer in your close family.

Your doctor has seen it all. Hell, I’m not a doctor and I’ve seen it all. From bumpy boobs to bruised balls on friends, I even had one female friend find a lump just behind her boob. I told her to whip her top and bra off and I’d have a quick check. It was nothing to be worried about, but I did tell her to go to the doctor and get it professionally checked out. What it turned out to be was an inflamed gland on her underarm likely caused by an ingrown hair. Exactly what I’d said. It doesn’t take Sherlock to put shaving rash, inflamed gland and smooth underarms to come to that conclusion!

So no matter the problem, just speak to your doctor.