It’s a Dog’s Life!

‘No, I don’t want a dog’ he said. Suddenly she’s now his ‘baby waby’!

Seriously, when I said I’d foster a dog, my fella was apprehensive to say the least. Even calling her ‘Ba****d the Puppy’. Now, I have regular requests for updates on her.

My partners ex wife unfortunately passed away last week, so he flew out for the funeral and to be with his family. Leaving me with the little bundle of fluff, and it’s been interesting. Hard work, but interesting.

The hardest part has actually been confining her to the balcony while we waited to get her boosters done, as expected she began to get restless and bored, so I broke the rules slightly and did do her a couple of walks on the lead around the gardens. But now that her boosters are now up to date, she can go on all the walks she could desire.

The whole point of getting the dog was for a little more companionship, and to make life a little more interesting for me and the other half, though, I’m unsure if we will be able to keep her, as currently this is only a foster arrangement, and I feel that I’m a little too selfish to be tied down.

I like my home comforts, my holidays, going out. Would it really be fair of me to jet off for 2 months on a whim and leave the dog behind? The poor thing would feel like she’s been abandoned.

It’s also a concern for me that where we live isn’t huge, and being a mastine, she’s going to be on a par with a St Bernard size wise, something that, unless we move to somewhere bigger pretty soon, we’re going to be a bit cramped.

I love the little girl to pieces, she’s really affectionate and very bright. She is pretty quiet and seldom barks, and never whimpers. Though getting her out of my wardrobe in a morning can be quite tricky if she’s been up all night playing!

In all I’ve enjoyed the experience of having her, but I have to put the dogs needs first, and if that means a more equipped foster, or ideally adopter, I’ll have no choice but to say goodbye, but will be happy in the knowledge that I’ve given her the best start in life she could have, given the terrible start she did have.

I’ve in just a couple of short weeks seen her transform from a quivering wreck that wouldn’t leave the corner of the lounge, to a bouncing bundle of energy that just wants to play, eat and sleep.

So I’ll be quite sad to see her go, but glad that she’ll be going to someone that can give her everything she needs and more besides. Plus there is the ongoing cost of having a dog. The injections, medications, rabies jabs, flea baths. The list goes on, and as they get older, they get more and more  expensive. But, we’ll see what the future has in store.

Brexit Continues to Rumble On

If you are not living in the UK or in Europe, then you are probably sitting back in amusement as the Brexit negotiations continue to rumble on, with each day that passes more and more people are coming forward to proclaim the entire procedure is a complete farce, and one that is doomed to failure.

However, one thing that the UK must been seen to be doing, if there is to be no riots in the street is to eventually and finally have in place an exit strategy that appeals not only to those voters who voted to leave the EU, but also one that in some way pacifies the people who voted to remain in the EU.

That is something that Theresa May and her Government are trying desperately to do, even though when listening to speeches given by some EU you would be forgiven for thinking the opposite is true.

No matter what Theresa May and her team manage to achieve by way of the Brexit negations, she is never going to pacify everybody, in fact the way it appears she is going to is not only upsetting those who voted remain but those that votes for Brexit too!

The one latest development that everyone in the UK is discussing is the transition period, that is a period of time when the UK leaves the EU that has been allocated for Brexit to work, with no major changes to the current way the UK abides by EU laws and regulations.

But many people are stating that at no point in time did they agree to be put into such a transition period, and it is simply a way of ensuring that the EU has control over the UK, but during the transition period the UK will stay have to pau  their EU fees but will have no say what so ever in the laws and rules being implemented by the EU.

Having said all of that though GBP is performing quite well on the money markets, especially in the last few days when it has bene making ground on both USD and the Euro, so whilst many of the general public in the UK may think the entire Brexit negotiations are a farce, the money markets think otherwise.

It is of course going to be a wait and see situation as to whether the UK does get in place a Brexit deal they can be proud of, however there is no doubt in my mind over the coming weeks and months we are going to see plenty of disagreements, and there is still the very good chance that the UK may leave the EU with no deal at all of course!

The Laws on Rape Allegations MUST be Changed

Another man has committed suicide after being falsely accused of rape, and the Perpetrator is ONLY JUST being investigated for perverting the course of justice.

The young man committed suicide after being under investigation on a completely unfounded claim and left a suicide note stating he’s ‘away from the misery’. This isn’t the first time the police have wrongly but suspects under scrutiny without even looking into the accuser.

There have been several cases over the past few years, where women have cried rape, knowing full well that they had consensually agreed to sex, but have then later regretted it. Or chillingly, wanted to cause the person as much pain as possible, with as little effort.

The fact that an accuser is granted legally anonymity, it can be seen as some as an easy way to get back at someone, and tarnish their name, while the one accused ends up with their name splashed all over the media, which is an unfair, and actually barbaric rule.

To be accused of doing one of the worst crimes imaginable, is hard enough in itself, to then have your accuser get off scot free and an absolute travesty.

There are lives being lost because of false allegations, and some people never do recover, while others never get their name and reputation back, yet the accuser can’t be named and shamed. If you get a speeding ticket, you’re named and shamed, but apparently, falsely accusing someone of raping you is of less importance, and you can (and it’s happened) accuse 20 + people of sexually assaulting you without any evidence, all of which have to be looked into.

This isn’t just a gross waste of police resources, but is also a heinous crime, committed to inflict as much pain and damage as possible, and it needs to be nipped in the bud.

The old fable, the boy that cried wolf rings true here. After a while, no one will believe you when it does happen.

This woman, who’s deplorable and callous actions has led to this mans suicide should be tried for Manslaughter at the very least, not to mention wasting police time and resources and for the pain and suffering of his family, because there is no worse feeling than that of a parent having to bury their child. That tragic loss of a bright, handsome man with all of his life ahead of him, gone.

The woman hopefully will feel some form of remorse, but I seriously doubt it. She calculated and made sure everything was in place so she could deal the final blow. A blow that would prove to be fatal, and now all the mans family have left of their son is a place to visit on holy days, when they should have been enjoying Sunday Lunches, his wedding, their grand children and all the other things that we all take for granted.

So the law needs changing. Name and Shame the accusers, because that’s only fair.

Who Are the Real Celebrities?

Is it possible for people to be famous for actually DOING good things? It’s been a very strange week or so. Stephen Hawking died, Jim Bowen Died. They’ve been dropping like flies.

Kim Kardashian gives someone a blowjob and suddenly she’s an A list celeb!

Seriously, there is something wrong when the untalented are being made into the medias hot totty.

The Beatles had talent, Elvis had talent, Cher has talent, Bette Midler has talent. They are true celebs. People that actually do something, instead we’ve got the modern day Addams Family thrust into the spotlight. We have Kaitlyn Jenner, a former Olympian, and then the entourage he married into. Kris, Kim, Khloe, Kourtney and Rob.

Seriously, these are famous for doing exactly what?

It’s like a lot of reality stars. They are famous for simply being notoriously badly behaved in night clubs.

Big Brother, for example has ended up making minor celebs of people, as as X-Factor and <insert country here>’s got talent. They get a 15 minute burst of fame, and then fade into obscurity, only then to become sensations on reality TV.

Katie Price got her boobs out for The Sun, had a child with a footballer, subsequently divorced and remarried several times, and she’s what our youth look up to. Fake boobs and fake tan so dark it looks like she’s rolled around in Chicken gravy!

Do we really want our children to be looking up to thugs, druggies and sluts? Thinking that making a sex tape (and leaking it on the internet) will make them famous?

What about the celebs that have done things. Like Martin Luther King, who kick started the Civil Rights Movement. What about Emmaline Pankhurst, who was one of the leaders of the Suffragettes? They did things that changed history, things that matter, and they’re not as idolized as these reality people that flash their boobs or get their abs out while sunning it in Spain.

Celebrity should be reserved for the talented, and those who have worked to change the world. Not vainly objectify themselves and make them wannabe porn stars.

I want to see people in the news who have done real things, not just kick a ball around for 90 minutes, or wear a pair of jeans from a certain designer.

Why don’t we start looking at real talent? There are so many musicians, artists, dancers, designers out there, yet we seem to spend all of our time and energy following the talentless, vain, egotistical people around that do absolutely nothing but enjoy a life of riley without having to lift a finger. It’s actually quite sickening, especially when you have to endure article after article about them. Let’s get back to celebrating glamour, class and taste. Not some topless bimbo who likes to post nudes to ‘break the internet’.


Have the Brits Had Their Fill of Dining Out?

No, the Brits aren’t tired of dining out. We’re tired of eating at the same greedy chains that offer poor value, poor service, and most of them are on the fiddle when it comes to their taxes.

Go to any Nando’s, Jamie’s Italian, Prezzo or Byron, and the menu, presentation, even the decor is all the same. Dull as dish water! Yes, when Jamie Oliver opened his first few, it was exciting, because it was something new. But once you’ve eaten in one, you’ve eaten in all of them.

The only reason Weatherspoon’s does so well is that the price is competitive, kids are allowed in, and whether you’re having a breakfast or evening meal, the menu isn’t bad.

Now, if the chain restaurants added some unique values to each of their venues, it may be something to write home about. You can be a chain, but you can also give each one some individuality.

Giving management more power is key, as they will know the area they live in, and trends of that area better than the guys at HQ. In fact, they’ll more than likely live quite close, thus meaning they’ll also know the competition and where they can offer something better, be that ordering monthly craft beers, using locally sourced produce, hosting events that are in fitting with the clientele. I come from a place where there’s a monthly Morris Dancing club!

You then have chefs who have trained and trained hard essentially being told they can only make certain dishes and must serve it a certain way and present it in a certain style. A quick look at all the   chain menus proves that you can only make Spaghetti Bolognaise so many ways, and with no individual flare being added, the chefs become frustrated. Giving the chefs the chance to shine is one of the few ways that you can show your chef you trust them.

A look at Jamie’s website, and the menu is so rigid, it’s almost like every single restaurant is going to be a clone of the previous one, right down to the decor.

What is apparent though, is that Brits are foodies, but our allegiance to chains is shifting towards smaller, independent businesses. In the Village I grew up, the biggest chain we have there is 1 Tesco. All the restaurants, bars and pubs are all independent and only negated to by the breweries as to which drinks they can get in.

The rest of the operation, be that food, food suppliers, menu choices and entertainment, are up to the Landlord, or in some cases if the venue’s failing for whatever reason, the Area Manager who will then arrange a meeting with the Regional Manager who will take into consideration previous experience and whether they think the suggestions are financially viable.

The chains need to think outside the box and look at it from the eyes of a customer. Not from the eyes of an owner.


Racism and Anti-Semitism On the Rise

An interfering aunt sparked a huge argument with her nephew over his choice to not marry within the Jewish faith, leading to a backlash from him that was both eloquent and exceptionally to the point, all while telling her to butt out and to not be so blinkered in her views.

Which led me to think, does anyone have the right to try to control their relatives, to the point where the aunt was not only meddling where no aunt should meddle, but also insulting to the girlfriend. Claiming that ‘only a Jewish girl will make him happy’.

It also leads me to believe that religion is the only thing at fault here. A fabricated collection of stories intertwined to make a novel to rival Harry Potter, that essentially tells people that others who don’t follow the ideology of that particular script, be it the Bible, Quran, or Torah, are infidels who need to be stoned to death at worst, and are inferior to followers at best.

This is another reason why I firmly believe that religion has no place in schools, where young, pliable minds are easy to brainwash and radicalize. It doesn’t matter if it’s Islam, or fundamentalist Christians that picket war veterans funerals waving ‘God Hates Fags’ placards (and incidentally never miss a gay event in the process).

What about segregation like in the 50’s? Where there were ‘White entrances’ and ‘Coloured entrances’. That was essentially to make white people feel they were more important than anyone who wasn’t white. That wasn’t right, yet we allow scriptures in schools that teach our children that if someone doesn’t follow the rule set of that particular religion, they are inferior, and that we shouldn’t mix outside of the faith.

This has led to Ghettos being formed, where Muslims, Jews, Sikhs, Catholics, Jehovah’s, and all the others create their own little sub communities and refuse to mingle outside of them. This has also had an effect on hate crimes, as in being so segregated, those that seek to attack need not look far.

Then again, nearly all minorities end up in Ghettos, my ex lived in a place where you were the odd one out if you weren’t LGBT, this made the area an easy target for people who were looking to stir up hatred against the gays.

The key to having a truly integrated society is, you guessed it, integration. Your religion should hold no bearing on who you love, who you speak to, and who you can and cannot be friends with. You are not, as J.K calls it in the Harry Potter series, a ‘Blood Traitor’ for having friends with different coloured skin, or a different religion. To really drive the message home, look through your friends list on Facebook, and you can only remain friends with the ones with Blue eyes.

It’s happened before and we all know how that ended.

Prince Charles is no Doddering Old Fool!

Prince Charles may be a high-class hippy, but he’s not a doddering old fool.

Prince Charles has today written an impassioned open article for the Daily Mail explaining about his experience after visiting Brixton following the riots some 40 years ago.

He candidly reveals that although he brushes shoulders with the high and mighty, he can still empathize with the very people that were rioting, and their frustration.

He may have been born into a life of wealth and privilege, but that doesn’t mean that the Royal Family don’t understand the trials and tribulations of the common man.

He’s a bit of a hippy is our Charles, and say what you like about the way he and the Royal Family treated Diana, he’s unwaveringly stuck by his views when it comes to global warming and helping society through charitable and point-blank funding of projects.

Charles is a firm believer of keeping things simple, and by keeping things simple (do we really need a proof reader, to check the proof reader who checked the proof reader who checked the original?), it keeps funds free to be either put back into the service, or to broaden the service that is offered usually creating extra jobs.

It’s basic economics, the bigger the service you’re providing, the more staff you’ll need. If the business is turning a profit, more money can go back into the business to allow it to grow.

The royals may be disconnected from the rest of us, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have limits, budgets, or hearts.

Charles understands the importance of economics, and how to efficiently run a service, and regardless of opinion, his, and his sons’ charitable efforts are much needed and much appreciated.

Charles is also a firm believer in organic, free range produce that enhances the quality, be it meat or veg, and believes that it is sustainable, if we all pitch in, thus driving the cost of organic foods down.

Something you don’t often hear many people comment on is his quick wit and easy charm, something that both of his sons have inherited along with his keen eye for natural beauty. It’s a strange life that the Royal’s live, but for the most part, they manage to live quite easily in the lime light as the UK’s most powerful family.

Having endured for centuries, the Windsor family have long been a part of the rich tapestry of UK history, something the American’s can’t seem to get enough of, some Yanks know more about the history of the UK than I do, and I’m meant to be a Brit.

There are a few problems with the Royal Family, and at times people don’t feel they’re getting their money’s worth out of them, however, they have to realise, they are not animals in a zoo, and that regardless of what people think, they bring more money into the country than what they take thanks to the exquisite properties which do regularly do tours.


Bookkeeper of Auschwitz Dies

As the Bookkeeper of Auschwitz dies aged 96. It’s important to remember, and never forget the victims of those vile death camps.

The ‘Bookkeeper’ as he was nicknamed, managed to evade prison and died without ever seeing the inside of a prison cell. He is one of a number of people who were tried and found guilty of crimes after the horrific events of WWII, but managed to not spend a single day in prison.

One other Nazi who evaded conviction and trial, was Hitler himself, who committed suicide when the war was coming to a close. There are obviously going to be hundreds, if not thousands of other ‘staff’ who have evaded justice, however, that is of no use to the victims who, against all hope, managed to survive and carve their own futures.

The camps were organized into several sections, and each person was given a badge to identify them. The badges were Red, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink, Black, Brown and an uninverted Red Triangle. Basically, if you didn’t fit in with the parties ideals, you were sent to one of the camps. This included Jews, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Gays and Lesbians, Alcoholics, Prostitutes and many others.

The reason why we should never forget such a dark part of world wide history, and not white wash it, is because knowledge is power, and having this knowledge, we have the power to not let it happen again, for regardless of what crime you had committed, no one deserves to be thrown into one of these camps to be annihilated like vermin.

It is also time for the world to begin teaching the whole story, not just the bits they like, for without a complete picture, the true extent of the horrors within those walls can never truly be understood. How those poor people, rounded up like cattle, shaved, branded, beaten, starved and gassed all for something that was most likely not a choice for them, is truly heinous and they deserve the dignity of being remembered and what they had to endure.

There are plenty of history books that we use in schools, by most of them do whitewash it to suit their own agendas. To teach the moral of the story, that in war, no one wins, we have to tell the whole story. We are facing uncertain times, and during these times, we need to educate ourselves from our own history.

The modern day Nazi’s are ISIS, who are wreaking terror, performing Jihad in the hopes of going to heaven and being betrothed with 72 virgins. A truly ridiculous concept, but they truly believe that this is what will happen if the die in the name of Allah.

Hitler, and many of the supporters of the Nazi party and regime believed in their own warped minds that they were purging the world of impurity, but in fact were making the world a desolate place, where the Aryan race ruled supreme and uncontested. A concept that would never prevail in practicality or theory in the long run.

Martin Shkreli the Greedy Little Weasel is Finally Jailed

Martin Shkreli has been jailed for 7 years for his role in ripping off investors and manipulating the stock market for his own financial gain.

He rose to notoriety after hiking the price of a HIV drug, which saves hundreds of thousands of lives by a staggering 5000%. Although his crimes are unrelated to that scandal, his arrogant attitude not only earned him the animosity of millions, but also made the powers that be yet more determined to bring him down.

Although his arrogance was a key in his sentence, with his own lawyer saying he wanted to ‘punch him in the face’, it was the jury’s immediate opinion of him that set everything in stone. The jury, many of whom refused to be on the panel, called him a ‘Snake’ a ‘D*ck’, and many other testimonies revolving around the decision to raise the price of the drug he was selling to $700 a pill.

The thing with medication is that the more serious the illness, the more people are willing to pay, and HIV, when allowed to develop into AIDS, is a slow, long and painful death. One which will gradually eat away at your dignity, your independence and ultimately, your life, so people were willing to pay the $700 a day, whether they could afford it or not.

After being ordered to pay back over $7million in fraudulently acquired wealth, he was forced to sell possessions, acquired through his ill gotten gains on eBay. My, how deliciously evil it is to watch the fall of a man who should never have been so high up to begin with!

One of his former trustees, also painted him in a very dubious light, telling of how Martin would boast of conquests, including inter office sexual relationships with other men, and waiters in restaurants he had slept with. The man when in the dock, said it made him uncomfortable, and that Shkreli was an arrogant man throughout their entire working relationship.

Such a damning verdict wasn’t helped by his own social media posts, including offering $5000 for a single strand of Hillary Clintons hair. Then the boastful comments of his lavish lifestyle, while succeeding off the misery of others.

They say that no one is born evil, however, this smarmy, little man was certainly born with something missing, because even when trying to plead for his freedom, it was only about him, and he was only sorry that he’d been caught out, and suddenly faces financial ruin.

I shouldn’t gloat, but he deserves all that he got. Those of us that work hard for our lot in life deserve better than to be dictated to by this pasty, spineless little man who only had money and his own self preservation in mind.

Feel free to add as many explicit words as you like when describing him, but unfortunately, as children may be reading this, I’m not allowed to print the entirety of my vocabulary!

Best ICO’s and the Best Token Generation Events

You are best advised to spend plenty of time looking over just which initial coin offerings and token generation events to invest in, for there are more than enough of them that may catch you eye.

However, there are a set of things that you should always ensure you look out for when you are interested in buying cryptocurrency coins and tokens, for it is always going to be the concept or idea behind them that will make them worth investing in, if there is a good idea supporting them.

One thing that you will often find though is that each initial coin offering or token generation event will be on just one blockchain, and that could see you being offered coins or tokens base don the Ethereum, Bitcoin or WAVES platform or any of the many other ones that are now available.

In regards to the type of projects that are out there, well there are a huge number of them, I have seen for example many digital banks that are in their start up phases and are seeking to put into place the finance to allow them to go live once they have reached their financing goals.

There are however plenty of unique projects backing token generation events and one that does have some merit and one that I think is one of the more interesting and certainly one of the best ICOs out there is RTP Token which is aimed at the slot machine playing community.

What you should be looking for are ICOs and token generation events that offer low cost tokens and coins, but those that are much more likely to increase in value over the long term, and not only see some initial increases in their value.

That is why you should look at the business idea behind them and decide that after the launch of the project or concept behind them whether there is going to be an ongoing demand for those coins and tokens.

If so then there is a very good chance that you will see an increase in the value of the coins and tokens you buy initially, and it is always going to be down to supply and demand regarding the upward value of any cryptocurrencies.

Try not however to be too swayed by things such as initial coin offering bonuses, for many token generation events will give early investors some form of bonus which will take the shape of extras coins when they invest in any project in the early stages,

But those coins will then become devalued once the bonus coins have been awarded to those early investors, but at the end of the day it is of course going to be up to you just which if any initial coin offerings or token generation event you do take part in, but there is no getting away from the fact there are plenty of them to pick and choose from for sure!