Glastonbury tickets sell out in less than an hour

Tickets for Glastonbury festival have sold out in just 50 minutes, with 2,700 tickets selling every minute, even though the line-up is still to be announced.

Fans who missed out now say they’re considering setting up their own bands and trying to get into the iconic event that way.

Tickets for this year’s Glastonbury were so in demand that the website crashed, leaving many people disappointed.

A £10 price increase which means tickets now cost £238 didn’t put music fans off and neither did the fact they have no idea yet which acts will be performing.

Fans are now joking on Twitter that it would be easier to take up guitar lessons, get a record deal and go to Glastonbury as a performer than to try to get tickets any other way.

A spokesperson for the historic festival, which is renowned for its size, headliners and mud, said: “We have, once again, been blown away by the incredible number of people from around the planet who hoped to come to the Festival, with demand significantly outstripping supply.

“We’re sorry to all of those who missed out. We wish we could fit everybody in but there will be a resale of any returned tickets in the spring and registration will open again in the next few days.”

The five-day festival, which takes place in Somerset, has its roots in events first held in 1914. It is now held on the Eavis family’s Worthy Farm and traditionally takes a break every six years, so as not to cause damage to the working fields. The fallow year is set to take place in 2018 so festival goers who don’t manage to get hold of tickets for next year will have to wait until 2019 to get to Glastonbury.

Founder Michael Eavis had said he might move Glastonbury next year because he didn’t want to have a year without a festival, but organisers have since said there are no plans to hold the huge gig at another place during 2018.

The 2017 festival will take place from June 21 to 25 with the line-up yet to be announced. Currently, the bookies favourites to headline are Radiohead, Kasabian and Guns N’ Roses.

Last year festival goers were treated to performances from songstrell Adele, along with Coldplay and Muse.

Cars crushed against car park ceiling in London flooding

Thousands of pounds of damage has been caused to cars crushed against the ceiling in flooding in London.

Vehicles were damaged and families were left without water after a water pipe burst in Crayford, South East London.

Cars in an underground car park rose up and pressed against the ceiling when polystyrene insulation in the floor absorbed flood water and became so swollen it raised the floor by several feet.

As well as the damage to vehicles in Crayford’s Town Hall square development, there was also travel chaos as roads were flooded and closed off.

Some cars crumpled under the force when they were pushed into the concrete ceiling above them.

Residents in the apartment block said they were told if they removed their cars too quickly it could cause a gas explosion.

At least one car was totally written off in the incident. Resident Sadia Farzana Chitra said she had left her black Ford Fusion in one of the parking spaces and returned to find it squashed against the ceiling. “My car is crushed, the roof is gone, the ground has come up,” she explained.

“I had another of my neighbours with me and her car was okay, but we were told we cannot move it because there is a possibility with the pressure of the car there could be a blast because of the gas inside, or something. It can blow up the whole building.”

London Fire Bridge was called out with reports of flooding in the early hours of the morning.

Homes in 11 postcodes across south London and Kent found themselves without water as a result of the burst water main, including homes in Dartford, Bexley and the surrounding areas.

A spokesperson for the Gallions Housing Association, which has apartments in the building, said its staff were on site all day doing what they could to help the Thames Water authority, the fire brigade and the police after the burst water main.

They said all residents were safe and everyone had clean water. While the basement car park had suffered damage, there was no water in anyone’s home.

While most water supplies to the wider area had been fixed by Sunday afternoon, some residents were still without water or suffering from low pressure. Bottled water was given out to residents and Thames Water has apologised to anyone affected by the leak.

Please don’t do! Brexit protesters urge Britain to stay in the EU

A series of protests against Brexit have taken place along the border between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

The demonstrations have been organised by the campaign group Border Communities against Brexit.

Protesters say Northern Ireland should be allowed to stay in the EU because the majority of voters there voted remain.

Hundreds of people turned out at border crossings, with protestors gathering at Lifford Bridge on the Donegal-Tyrone border, Bridgend on the Donegal-Derry border, Carrickcarnon on the Louth-Armagh border, Moybridge between Tyrone and Monaghan Aghalane between Fermanagh and Cavan.

Those taking part handed out leaflets setting out their fears that pressing ahead with a divorce from Europe could lead to negative implications for those in the border regions.

There are genuine fears that border checkpoints could return in Ireland and a mock checkpoint and customs building was erected to press home this point.

But British prime minister Theresa May has already clearly set out her next move for Brexit.

She has given her clearest indication yet of the Brexit timetable, saying that article 50 would be invoked in March next year to start the process of officially leaving the EU.

Mrs May told delegates at the recent Tory party conference that she was more than prepared to carry out the wishes of the majority of Britains, who voted to Brexit.

She said Britain would be sacrificing the Single Market in order to be in control of its own destiny and to have more say in its own immigration policies.

The Prime Minister also said there would be no special relationship for either Northern Ireland or Scotland and the EU.

Setting out her stall, she said: “Because we voted in the referendum as one United Kingdom, we will negotiate as one United Kingdom, and we will leave the European Union as one United Kingdom.

“There is no opt-out from Brexit. And I will never allow divisive nationalists to undermine the precious union between the four nations of our United Kingdom.”

Meanwhile, the British diplomat who authored article 50 has urged Mrs May to allow the public to vote on the final terms of a Brexit. His comments come after the foreign secretary Boris Johnsonsaid that Britain should be able to have its cake and eat it when it comes to Brexit.

Lord Kerr of Kinlochard said: “Once the government, some way down this process, has established clearly what Brexit will be like, if it turns out that Boris’ policy on cake doesn’t work, then it might be not a bad idea to ask the country in a general election, or possibly another referendum, whether this is actually what it had in mind.”

Trump refuses to resign following misogynistic comments

Republican candidate Donald Trump says he will continue in his campaign to become US President, despite calls from many in his own party for him to drop out of the race.


There have been numerous calls for Trump to stand down after audio emerged of him making vulgar comments about women in 2005. In a video made while he was walking to the set of soap opera Days of Our Lives, he is heard saying women would let him do anything because he was famous.


“I’d never withdraw. I’ve never withdrawn in my life,” said the 70-year-old father-of-five. He added: “No, I’m not quitting this race. I have tremendous support. People are calling and saying ‘don’t even think about doing anything else but running.”


He said people had no idea of the support he continued to have. “They’re not going to make me quit,” he continued, “and they can’t make me quit. The Republicans, you’ve got to remember, have been running for a long time. The reason they don’t win is because they don’t stick together.”


Trump continued that it was not him who was flawed, but his rival, the Democrat andidate Hillary Clinton. “She’s so flawed as a candidate,” he said. “Running against her makes it a lot easier, that’s for sure.”


Despite his comments, Trump said both his wife Melania, a former model, and his daughter Ivanka, a businesswoman and also a former model, understood the situation and were very loyal to him.


Melania has, however, publically slammed her husband’s comments, saying they were both unacceptable and offensive. However, she goes on: “This does not represent the man I know. He has the heart and mind of a leader. I hope people will accept his apology, as I have, and focus on the important issues facing our nation and the world.”

Terror in Germany: Police foil suspected airport bomb plot

Police in Germany have raided an apartment, finding several hundred grams of “highly volatile” explosives which it is believed was part of an airport bomb plot.

Investigators are now seeking a Syrian suspect who is still on the run and have detained a further three people for questioning who they believe could know his whereabouts.

Around 100 people were evacuated from the apartment block in Chemnitz as the bomb squad moved in to remove the explosives. The substance was then blown up in a controlled explosion.

Families living in the apartment block in Chemnitz’s Fritz Heckert district said they were woken in the early hours of the morning by police officers carrying machine guns and urging them out of the building. They were taken away from the area in buses.

A spokesperson for the police said it was a highly volatile mixture which was more dangerous than TNT.

The building was raided following a tip from Germany’s domestic intelligence agency but when police bashed down the door, the suspect had already fled.

Saxony police have now put out an alert for 22-year-old Jaber Albakr from the Damascus area and are calling for anyone who knows where he could be to get in touch.

Police have not revealed where they believe the terrorist attack was set to take place but the German news agency dpa says it has spoken to German security sources who believe the suspect is connected to Islamic extremist groups. The suspect was already known to German intelligence services although it is unclear how long he had been in the country for. According to online news reports, Albakr is suspected of plotting a bomb attack on a German airport.

It is thought he could have entered Germany last year when Germany experienced a large influx of asylum seekers from the Middle East. Nearly 900,000 asylum seekers entered Germany, most of whom were Syrians fleeing from civil war.

The explosives are thought to have contained triacetone triperoxide (TATP), which is the same substance used by suicide bombers in Paris when attackers killed 130 people in a series of coordinated shootings and a bombing across the city.

Security in Germany was already high after two terror attacks by Isis supporters earlier this year. Now police are warning people that the suspect in this latest incident should be assumed to be dangerous and everyone must remain on their guard.

Trump apologises after making disgusting comments about women

Presidential candidate Donald Trump has been forced to apologise after a video emerged of him saying he could ‘do anything’ to women because he was famous.


The Republican presidential nominee was caught on mic just over a decade ago boasting about attempting to have sex with married women.


In the recording which was obtained and revealed by the Washington Post, Trump says: “When you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything.”


The video on which Trump can be overheard is during a conversation he had with interviewer Billy Bush while they were on the way to a soap opera set. Trump says he can grab women “by the pussy” because he is a celebrity.


He says he tried to have sex with a married woman who is says has had plastic surgery to give her “big phony tits”.


He also talks about 42-year-old actress Arianne Zucker who escorted Trump and Bush to the set of Days of Our Lives.


In a crude outburst, Trump says: “I gotta use some Tic Tacs, just in case I start kissing her. You know I’m automatically attracted to beautiful. I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just Kiss. I don’t even wait.”


Despite the nature of the comments, Trump moved quickly to downplay what he said.


In a statement, the 70-year-old described what he said as “locker room banter,” adding that it was simply a “private conversation that took place many years ago.”


He continued: “Bill Clinton has said far worse to me on the golf course, not even close. I apologise if anyone was offended.”


But already, the offensive comments could prove damaging to his presidential hopes.


In a tweet, his democratic rival Hilary Clinton said: “This is horrific. We cannot allow this man to become president.”


These latest revelations come less than a week after the Associated Press (AP) published a report regarding Trump’s behaviour on the set of the NBC show The Apprentice, which he fronted.


More than 20 people who had worked on the show told AP that Trump had made comments about female cast and crew members, along with requesting that female contestants wore shorter dresses.


It’s not the first time Trump has landed himself in hot water with the female population. In previous years, he has referred to women as “dogs” and “fat pigs”. He also told news anchor Megyn Kelly that she was being unfair to him because she had “blood coming out of her wherever” in reference to her menstrual cycle.

Mystery continues to surround pound’s ‘flash crash’

There was fresh misery for holidaymakers as the pound crashed by 8%, with analysts still struggling to explain the sudden drop.

While most of Europe was still asleep, the pound suddenly dropped against the dollar. The pound had been struggling following Prime Minister Theresa May’s announcement that she would be triggering article 50 by March next year to start to leave the EU.

That seemed to set analysts and investors on edge and the pound dropped to a 31-year-low. But, it still had further to go. The pound dropped on Friday from 1.26 against the dollar, to 1.1491 in just eight minutes in a market where even a single cent drop is considered a big change.

There were only a small number of trades made during that time, considering that most people were still asleep, so dealers are still unsure what caused the pound to suddenly fall off a cliff.

Theories include that computer-driven algorithmic systems were to blame, with computerised trading systems then causing the slide. As the pound dropped, automated systems kicked in to sell when it reached a certain level. Another possibility being talked about is that it was what is known as a fat-finger error when a mistake is made inputting data in the financial markets, meaning an order to buy or sell stock is placed of a far greater size than was originally intended.

Whatever really happened may never be known but traders and analysts said they had never experienced anything like it. Chief market analyst at Think Markets, Naeem Aslam, said: “What we had was insane. Call it a flash crash but a move of this magnitude really tells you how low the currency can really go.”

The dramatic drop will have hit both investors and companies hard. Sports Direct, which has already been troubled after facing criticism for the way it treats its staff, has already issued a profit warning, saying the company had lost £15m because of the flash crash.

The Bank of England has now launched its own investigation to try to shed some light on what really happened. It has also asked the Bank of International Settlements, which represents central banks across the world, to look into what sparked the fall.

The pound is expected to remain under pressure because of uncertainty which still surrounds Britain’s impending exit from Europe. Apart from the Argentinian peso, the pound was the worst-performing major currency in the world this week and is set to suffer further problems at least until an exit deal with the EU is made.

Surgery ban for smokers and the obese

People who smoke or who are obese have been told they must look after themselves before the NHS will help them.


The local health authority NHS Harrogate and the Rural District Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has said it will be referring smokers and those with a Body Mass Index (BMI) which is over 30 to quit smoking or diet clinics before they are able to have surgery.


BMI is based on a person’s height and weight. Those who are underweight have a BMI of less than 18.5. A healthy weight is between 18.5 and 44.9 while overweight is 25 to 29.9 and you are said to be obese if your BMI is 30 or higher.


Health bosses say they have had no choice but to put the plans in place as they try to shave a massive £8.4million from their budget.


Amanda Bloor, the CCG’s chief officer, said: “The measures we are taking encourage patients to take a greater responsibility for their lifestyle choices. It is vital that patients are given the skills and knowledge to take accountability for their own wellbeing to ensure we all lead healthier lifestyles.”


She said that by sending smokers and the obese for get help for six-months to make the lifestyle changes necessary for optimum health, they would have better clinical outcomes when they did undergo surgery.


With the NHS under constant financial pressure due to smoking-related illnesses such as lung cancer and respiratory problems, and a population with ever expanding waistlines, she said tough action was necessary to protect the financial future of health care services as a whole.


But whether Harrogate is allowed to go through with its plans remains to be seen. Just a month ago, NHS England stepped in and stopped the nearby NHS Vale of York CCG from putting in place similar rules after the Royal College of Surgeons (RCS) said it had serious concerns.

An RCS spokesperson said: “The RCS is very supportive of encouraging patients to join programmes that help them lose weight or stop smoking before surgery. However, making it a condition of receiving that surgery, no matter how sick they are or how much pain they are in, is wrong.”

Harrogate says the new rules will not apply to certain groups most in need of treatment, including patients who need urgent cancer surgery and children or frail elderly people.

Will Birth of a Nation be a Nominee?

The controversial new movie is struggling to achieve its honors at the next annual Oscars. Before its release, the slavery film’s chances of winning best picture were 11-to-1. According to, the movie’s odds are right around 22-to-1, after the first weekend of Birth of a Nation. The potential winners’ list on the popular website moved the film, from #6 to #8.

Ever since August of this year, controversy has surrounded the movie and its writer/director/star actor of the movie, Nate Parker. It all began with Parker’s past, when news got out about him being on trial for a rape charge. Although this incident took place, while Nate Parker was in college and the accuser eventually took her own life in 2012, the story still found a way to become more popular than the anticipated movie release.

Although the incident involving Parker swarmed the media, the founder of, Tom O’Neil said that the accusations had nothing to do with the site’s predictions. “Since moviegoers and film critics are failing to rally behind Birth, I think it’s unrealistic to believe that academy members will do so”, said O’Neil.

The movie centers around a slave that becomes a preacher and joins forces with rebellion leader, Nat Turner for a huge victory involving their fight for freedom. As far as reviews, moviegoers have given positive responses. On CinemaScore, Birth of a Nation received an ‘A’ from the viewers. The movie’s box office gross, over the first weekend, was $7 million.

A columnist for stated that the film was barely able to even get recognized. The columnist believes the film’s distributor, Fox Searchlight is disappointed by the film’s results, although nothing has been said from the company. According to industry insiders, Parker has to take part of the blame for the film’s initial results. The star promoted a media tour that did more damage than support. They claim the actor’s demeanor comes off as being unsympathetic and out of touch. A film editor for, Kate Erbland suggests that Nate Parker disappear. She believes that Parker’s presence is giving the film a harder chance to become a success.

While attempting to succeed with his current film, the actor is tapping into is directing skills even more. Parker recently signed a deal to write a drama that involved two disabled wrestlers that were connected to Lisa Fenn, an ESPN producer.

The U.S. Keeps Their Eyes on Mars

A renewed call to have American astronauts visit Mars was published in an essay by President Obama. In the essay Obama stated, “We have a set clear goal vital to the next chapter of America’s story in space: sending humans to Mars, by the 2030s and returning them safely to earth, with the ultimate ambition to one day remain there for an extended period of time.”

The president’s goal has been presented before, at a 2010 speech that took place at the Kennedy Space Center of NASA; located in Florida. This time around, there were more details into the planned project, which was accessible through a joint blog post from NASA officials and senior White House. It included the U.S. expectations of reaching the red planet.

In August of this year, six companies were awarded contracts by NASA to develop habitats, which would be able to sustain the astronauts that were on deep-space missions. One of the missions would be Mars. Tuesday, an announcement was made by the NASA administrator, Charles F. Bolden Jr. and John P. Holdren, a White House science adviser. The announcement informed that modules from private companies would be allowed for the International Space Station.

Officials for NASA made note that the space station was beginning to test new technologies within the stretch of space, from the earth to the moon. Despite their advances, there are challenges that still remain.

Some people question if the space trip is even possible. NASA has been preparing for decades to successfully complete this mission. For NASA, the mission is doable, but very difficult at the same time. The biggest battle is time and money. There is also concern about an astronaut’s risk (e.g. radiation), during a long journey.

When Nixon was president, the grand ambitions of NASA was pared back, which only left the space shuttle. Since 1972, there hasn’t been an astronaut venture beyond low-earth orbit. This followed the 12-day trip that the Apollo 17 crew took to the moon. In 1989, President George Bush announced an initiative to mark the 20th anniversary celebration of Apollo 11’s moon landing. The initiative would return the astronauts to the moon, which would lead to Mars. A half trillion dollar plan was created and presented by NASA; which eventually faded away. The current plan has nothing to do with technical. The primary issues is financial and political.