It’s Summer, time to get the working on that beach bod!

Regardless of gender, it’s usually always the case that during the winter months we overindulge and put a few pounds on. Then come Spring Time, we start looking forward to the warmer weather, sunbathing on the beach and drinking cool ones in the pubs Beer Garden. There is one problem though. We don’t want to […]

The High Street is dying. How do we breathe some life into it?

I’ve never been one for shopping. To me it’s one of the most boring pastimes going. For some however, you’d think it was an Olympic sport. Spending whole days flitting from Gucci to Selfridges, Lunch at Harvey Nichols, and then a mammoth marathon in Next, Vivienne Westwood, Prada, Thomas Pink, JPG and then drinks at […]

Behavioural Problems in Children on the Rise

It’s time for people to open their eyes to behavioural problems in children. Children, regardless of gender, are a nightmare. From cradle to grave, they all have their little quirks, ticks, likes, dislikes and MUST HAVE’s. You know the old ‘I’ll DIE without <insert favourite thing here>’ lien they feed to you. But then you […]