Amazon has recently announced that their ambitions that will be put to action within the next 18 months in which they will hire more than 100,000 citizens within the United States, which comes as a rather convenient time since President-elect Donald Trump has been urging for some time now that companies in the United States should be employing more U.S. citizens.

Although Amazon has recently entered several more categories of products such as fashion related matters and groceries, such a plan of action by them should not come as a huge shock.

However, this plan would indeed satisfy and impress Mr. Trump who previously during the electoral campaign had some disagreements with Jeff Bezos, the Amazon Chief Executive Officer.

A Good Move

A financial analyst from Tigress Financial Partners, Ivan Feinseth also expressed his approval of this matter saying it serves as an extremely validated proposition for the right time, adding as well that “It’s a very powerful headline, and the timing certainly makes Trump look good.”

Mr.Feinseth added as well that since these jobs would come within the first 18 months of Donald Trump’s presidential term, then Jeff Bezos probably couldn’t have hooked up Mr. Trump in any way better at this point, stating that the timing to the matter is what makes it simply perfect.

Good Going Bezos

Mr. Bezos was amongst one of several other tech leaders who had met up with Mr. Trump within the last month in order to discuss the several worries they all had regarding Mr. Trump’s immigration policies that could potentially destroy all of the company’s potential and lower their continue achievements since immigrants had been the main ones that were responsible for such success in all the tech companies.

Critics have stated though that Amazon apparently destroys more jobs for citizens than creates due to its interference with the conventional retail industry.

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