There is no denying the “feeling” you get, when you step foot into Ikea. It’s that feeling that leads you to buy. Everything, from a living room set to a computer desk, is at your reach. And, let’s not forget a slice of pizza. One of the reasons this is the norm is because Ikea offers some of the best deals. The only question is if everything is worth buying.

Some experts, in the home décor, place Ikea products in two different categories. First, the products that have the best deals. The second category is items that Ikea should never sell. When it comes to enhancing your shopping experience, your primary focus is the general items that the company offers. If you ever find yourself in Ikea and began to get “sucked in”, here is a list of items that you should stay away from:


The only reason you purchase a new bed mattress is for your bed or at least sleep. This is why you should look somewhere else for your next mattress. When you have mattresses as low as $80, it is difficult to overlook a deal this great. But, customers say the quality isn’t worth the price; whether it is $80 or not. The biggest complaint has to do with the mattresses’ springs. Customers can have back pain and discomfort, due to a mattress’ development of body impressions and sagging.


Accessories used for decoration are only an issue, because of the mass production. By being mass-produced, it means that the items are mass-purchased. There is a great chance of knowing someone that has the same exact decorations in their home. It is recommended that you literally go the extra mile and find a one-of-a-kind decorative accessory for your home.


There have been issues with the dressers that are sold by Ikea. The biggest issue is child safety. This year, there have been three child deaths, due to being toppled by an Ikea dresser. After the third child was killed, the company sent out a recall for millions of the dressers and quit selling their MALM line of dressers. The brand of dressers failed an industry stability test.

Closet System

It should be simple to spruce up your home with a new, inexpensive closet system. The downside is the closet system quality. Consumers reported having pieces missing and/or faulty parts. This came from the ALGOT line of closet systems.