Jeremy Corbyn is for the Labour party what Boris Johnson is to the Tories. An absolute joke. Granted, Boris isn’t THAT bad. He’s a likeable guy who is always game for a joke, even at his own expense. Jeremy however is dangerous in his ideology.

He’s recently spoken at the Edinburgh Fringe and sensationally said ‘people aren’t interested in the core subjects’. Core subjects, Maths, English and Science are the very foundation of nearly every trade and profession in the world.

A hairdresser has to use Maths, Science and English for everything they do.

That colour they specially mix up for you? That’s Maths and Science and a vast knowledge of the colour wheel. The fact they can also translate;

‘I want it dark, but not too dark, and I want it to have some gold in it, but not too orange. I want it cutting long but not too short, a few layer to frame my face and I want to be able to style it or leave it to dry naturally at home’


‘Six parts 5/0 with 1 part 7/3 and 2.5g 0/44 per 80ml with 6% peroxide. A natural inversion with 2 inches off the length, choppy layers following the concave bob pattern and possibly a sale of sculpting foam’

That takes maths, English, and science. Maths for the colour and the cut, science for the advanced side of the colouring process and what the outcome will be and weighing up what to use to counteract other undertones bleeding through, and of course, English, because translating that request into hairdresser terms is not easy.

To tell us not to trust in Gove’s education system is absurd. I may not like Gove, but the system has worked for hundreds of years. The materials could do with being updated, why read Macbeth when Harry Potter is far more exciting? But the core basics should remain the same.

In school I hated Maths with a passion. I only enjoyed Science because we got to learn about things we really weren’t meant to be taught (by the way, making Vodka out of potatoes is REALLY easy!), and I was very good at English because I was into Dramatic Arts and thus, had to be able to read and comprehend to read a script.

This is also a stupid statement to come from Luvvie Leftie Corby after the disastrous interviews Dianne Abbot has done, where she thinks a full time police officer will work for 10 grand a year, and she randomly pulls big words out of her head despite not knowing the meaning. It’s absolutely incredulous.

She has single handidly done more damage to the Labour party in 3 or 4 interviews than Tony Blair did in 10 years. They are a laughing stock. In Abbots defence (this is only an if) if she is dyslexic or isn’t a bright spark with numbers and words, we can cut her some slack. If she isn’t however, I feel for her constituents.

The thing with education is, it’s not meant to be fun and games all day. It’s to help you progress in life.

Would you want a doctor who didn’t understand you, or who couldn’t work out how much anesthetic you require using the A-BMI ratio (anesthetic to Body Mass Index ratio). Or how about you have a peanut allergy and need hospital treatment, and they don’t know to give Epinephrine and just give you a standard antihystemine. That requires Maths, English, Science and also Latin as most medical terms are Latin.

When Corbyn gets his plush pad renovated, the builders, plumbers, electricians, decorators, tilers, carpet fitters, carpenters, kitchen fitters and every other labourer on site needs to have an understanding of Maths, English and Science.

No pun intended here. But it’s hardly rocket science.