There are always going to be a range of betting opportunities that do attract a lot of money each day of the week, and if you are thinking of placing a bet today, then you may be interested in following the money and placing some cash on some of those popular bets and wagers.

With that in mind below you will find an overview of just which sporting events and the betting opportunist available in them are the ones that many people are betting on today. So read on and make sure you shop around and compare the odds available if you do end up having a bet on any of them!

Golf is of course a popular spectator sport and many people are currently placing their money on Jordan Spieth as the person they think will win the Open Championship, having taken a look around the best odds currently available on him doing so are 6/4.

Another golfer whose odds are slightly higher than the one named above is Rory Mcilroy and he too is having a lot of wagers placed on him to win the Open Championship, however his odds are much more appealing to spots bettor being currently 7/1.

Conor McGregor is the outside in the scheduled boxing match in which he is taking on Floyd Mayweather Junior, but there are many people who do think he is going to win that boxing match and are happily taking the general available odds on him doing so of 11/2!

If you are a fan of the TV reality show Love Island then you just be interested in having a bet on the couple who you think will win that show. If so then you should consider following the money and putting your bets on Jamie and Camilla whose odds of doing so are quite generous considering they are the current favourites to win at 7/4!

Desert Encounter is scheduled to line up and take part in the King George VI Stakes race next weekend, and even though that horses odds are currently huge in size at 33/1, there are a lot of people who are convinced it is going to put up a good show and are placing a flurry of each way bets on it winning!

Master the World is hopefully going to be running at  Newmarket today in the 15:50 race, and if you do enjoy watching and also betting on horse then that is a horse that for reference is attracting a lot of bets and wagers and the odds you can grab are 6/1!

The World Series Of Poker is of course one poker tournament any poker player will want to win, and you will also find plenty of betting sites offering odds on that poker event, and it is the poker player Scott Blumstein that many people are convinced is going to win the World Series Of Poker and they are snapping up the current win odds of him doing so which are 9/5!